Halloween is coming up and if you’re anything like me, you want to do a family-themed Halloween costume. It’s always fun dressing up and being festive at the holidays, but when the whole family can do it together it’s even better! Sometimes it’s not easy to find costumes that work for everyone or a theme that is suited for everyone. However, there are some very easy Do-it-yourself costumes you can make for the whole family!

Having children comes with so many wonderful experiences. From the moment they are born you learn an entirely different love. It’s innocent, precious, genuinely sincere and really does feel like the greatest gift. It’s no wonder there are such titles such as “Helicopter Parenting.” As adults, we know there’s a lot of crazy in the world and you want to protect them from it. From falling off the monkey bars to the situations that no one wants to think are real. We hold that fear because very unfortunate things happen on a daily basis, and despite our best efforts, we can’t always stop it.

Jeans are literally a pain in my backside. They take me from a mood of being on cloud nine to six feet under all within the time it takes to pull up a zipper. There’s just something about them that makes me want to tear them off, but not in one of those super attractive, slow-motion movie scene ways. But more relatable to Jess, from the TV series, New Girl type of way. I just immediately imagine myself frantically struggling to get them off until I can slip my way into someone much more comfortable. I don’t know, maybe wearing leggings for so long killed it for me. Or maybe I just haven’t found my perfect pair of jeans yet. There was one time I thought I found some lucky winners, but they tore apart a few months later and I never could find the right fit again. Whoops. Needless to say, I think I have jumped straight onto the sweatpants, sportswear, yoga pants lover train, and I’m not backing down. Same with those busy and hot summer days, hello running shorts! Once I met what that freedom was like, I just haven’t been able to turn back. Even on the weeks that I’m feeling pretty good and may be replaced some hefty breakfast burritos with some killer green smoothies, and my hips slide right into them. I will experience a few moments of jean wearing bliss, then instantly want to switch into something stretchy. Can anyone else relate?

According to the The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), it is recommended that expecting moms get at least 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day. Exercising frequently will increase blood circulation, improve muscle tone and increase your endurance. All 3 of these benefits you’ll be thankful for come delivery day! When you’re expecting, it is very important to keep moving. Pregnant women who exercise have also found to have less back pain, more energy, and a better body image. They also may have quicker deliveries and experience a faster return to their pre-pregnancy shape.

Playdate. What does that do to your body when you see, hear or even use that term? Do you feel warm and cozy like you’re laying on a hammock with gentle sunshine and a soothing breeze? Or do you feel like you’re hiding behind a half torn piece of cardboard attempting to shield yourself from an unexpected blizzard, with 100 mph winds? I don’t know why, but I must admit I lean more towards the hardly shielded windstorm when I hear it. I don’t even have a really good reason why. I do however have a few small interactions with the term that for some reason, just kind of give me the shoulder shakes. But the unpleasant kind. Maybe it has something to do with the first time I encountered it. There was a group of playdate obsessed woman with unnaturally high voices speaking to me, my daughter and each other like we were 4-year-old valley girls. Woah. I just couldn’t hang. My daughter was actually 3 at the time and asked me why the ladies were talking like babies. Oh, honey, I do not know.

As you head into your third trimester and you’re eager for baby to arrive, there are a few things you’ll want to tackle in order to be fully prepared when baby arrives! From installing the car seat to interviewing pediatricians, there’s a full list of things to do before you head to the hospital, birthing center, or even start to labor at home!

Temper tantrums are one of the biggest downfalls of raising children. And there’s no way of bypassing it. It doesn’t matter if your child is the sweetest thing that ever came from the stars and clouds and was kissed on the head by a unicorn at birth. That kid is going to have an ear-splitting, level 20 tantrum at some point during their childhood. More than one. Guess who gets to figure out how to handle that? Oh ya, baby. You do. Isn’t it so exciting? Yeah. Sure, there are endless amounts of parenting books, online tips and motherly advice on the proper way to handle just about any tantrum.

The first few months with a newborn are pretty crazy, especially if you are a first-time mom! You have no idea what to expect and may have a ton of questions – how many diapers will I change per day? How many times is the baby supposed to feed? How will I take care of myself AND another human? Coming home with a newborn is like landing on the moon – taking one giant step into the unknown world of parenting. Most blogs out there will let you know that surviving the first few months with a newborn baby come down to a few things – being prepared, having support and getting a few solid routines going. If you take the time to prep before the baby comes and get your family members and friends on board, you’ll be less stressed (read – emotional), feel organized, be able to rest and eat healthy meals and feel somewhat normal. But do note, you will have to find a ‘new normal’ once you bring that precious baby home!

Even before I had kids I thought Moms who stayed at home had an ideal set up. All you have to do is prep some food and plan some birthday parties right? I figured the house just stayed clean and smelled nice because what else did you have to do other hang out with your kids? Of course, dinner is going to be ready and laundry will be done. Because again, you’re just home, looking for stuff to do. Right? When I did have kids and also worked, I often asked my friend, who stayed at home, if she could watch mine as well. I appreciated it so much, but honestly never thought it was adding that much extra work for her.

Bringing a baby into the world is life changing, and being pregnant is the catalyst into Motherhood. The moments we experience throughout the process are undeniably unique and special. It’s no wonder one of the biggest joys of pregnancy, is sharing a celebration to honor this transition. Although baby showers have been a long time, go-to, when it comes to choosing a way to celebrate, there is an ancient ceremony that is making itself better-known in the modern day world. If you have never heard of a Blessingway, now is the perfect time to learn more.

Have you been up all night with a screaming/crying baby? Was it because of gas or they were colicky? Well, the bad news is you can’t always fix the gas problems and crying issues at night, but the good news is that you can learn signs that you need to switch formulas. Sometimes switching formulas is the best thing you can do for your baby and yourself. Especially when you could use that extra shut-eye! Whether you are a new mom or an experienced mom it can be hard to tell the signs of a baby not taking to formula. So here are a few tips that can help you decide to switch or help you speak to your doctor about switching formulas.

So, you decided to take a road trip with your family. You packed your bags, planned your route, and now are thinking of last minute things you may have forgotten. Luckily, you ended up here. In this post, we go over a few last minute hacks for your road trip. Keep your kids safe, entertained, and not whining about being hungry! Check out our list below!

Oh, how we all have dreamt of meeting our “Dream Man” one day. I know no one is perfect but I am here to tell you that I have been blessed with an amazing man who, most likely, isn’t who you are thinking he will be. He is not your typical “man”, he is not a “manly” man or a businessman, and you probably would not pick him to be the magical Knight in Shining Armor who saves you from a castle. He is definitely on the shorter side, and he has one of those super cute baby faces- you know, one of those that you just want to squeeze his cheeks and smile at (but he doesn’t know that’s what I think of his cute little face, of course!)… My “perfect” man has all the qualities I could hope and dream of and I can’t wait to tell you the small gestures he does that truly mean the world to me. I am not going to lie, he still has a lot of learning and growing to do, but we all do. He is my Prince!

As a new mom myself, I found it hard to find the best breast pump for me. We are all different which means not only do we get our milk in at different times, but breast pumps can work very differently as well. The hospital pumps are so much different than the other pumps that are out on the market for sale. If you’re lucky enough to have your insurance get you a pump for free or give you access to hospital grade pump congratulations, you have literally won the lottery! Unfortunately, my insurance, like many moms’ insurances out there, don’t cover the breast pump for you or if they do it’s an outrageous amount like 100.00 a month where you could easily go to a store like Target an buy one for 100.00 dollars flat out. However, the first pump I got from target sucked, because well it wasn’t sucking enough quite literally. Which made me wonder what the best breast pumps are on the market.