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DIY: Faceted Bowl, Bowl & Arrow and Chevron Bowl

By On August 4, 2014

This is a simple and inexpensive DIY project that your kids could do, although it isn’t recommended as there is a sharp tool involved. But for those of you who may not… Read More


Product Review and Back-to-School Giveaway! Goodbyn

By On August 1, 2014

  Back-to-school is around the corner and everyone is starting to do their shopping for school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes and clothes! Or at least you are starting to think about it… Read More


Celeb Talk: Marion & James Wilkie Broderick wearing Clarks Kids

By On April 16, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker was ‘spotted’ escorting two of her three children to school in New York’s West Village on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014. Sarah Jessica’s 11-year-old son James was spotted wearing bright… Read More

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Arts & Crafts

DIY Calming Mist Spray (aka NO MONSTERS spray)

By On February 3, 2014

This spray serves two purposes. It leaves the room smelling fresh and relaxing while allowing your young children to think it helps keep monsters away. Of course, my daughter is 6 and… Read More


5 Compliments Your Kids Need To Hear

By On January 26, 2014

Sometimes as parents we get so wrapped up in our responsibilities and obligations that we forget to slow down and think of what those around us need that we might not be… Read More

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Where Moms Go To Hang Out

By On December 19, 2013

I’m excited to talk about a new social network exclusively for moms called! connects women at all stages of motherhood to support her and make life a little happier. The… Read More


Stay Healthy This Winter: All About Probiotics

By On November 1, 2013

Thank you to Yakult USA for sponsoring this article. Learn why Yakults exclusive L. casei Shiorta probiotic strain can make all the difference for digestive health. You may have heard of probiotics,… Read More

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The Perfect Hair Accessories for School

By On September 20, 2013

Adelaide NYC has the perfect hair accessories for the new school year. These imaginative & fun designs bring classic & fresh looks to all girls of all ages. Made from the highest… Read More


To Camp or Not To Camp? That’s The Question!

By On September 11, 2013

The great outdoors….  Nothing evokes a feeling of oneness with nature, and ultimate family bonding than the idea of a camping trip.  I’m not talking cabins, or wooded motels, I mean setting… Read More


Food Aversion & Sensory Issues

By On August 14, 2013

When my son was born, I can still remember the nurse telling me “he is a quiet one, you are one of the lucky ones”… boy was she wrong. (And I’m still… Read More

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Bath, Bed & Body

Willa Naturals: Start Young, Stay Young

By On August 14, 2013

Christy Prunier and her daughter, Willa, are pleased to announce willa®, a new line of natural skincare products specifically designed to address the needs of girls. “The best way to keep skin healthy… Read More


The Art of (not) Mastering Bedtime

By On August 6, 2013

We’ve really been working with my 6 year old on staying in bed at night. The excuses come and go but lately, as we try to prepare for back-to-school routines, the excuses… Read More

Dirt and Worm Cupcakes

Dirt and Worm Chocolate Cupcakes

By On June 13, 2013

I remembered how popular the “dirt and worm” pudding cups were in elementary school and had the biggest craving for them. But, I didn’t have enough milk to make chocolate pudding so… Read More


Home Remedies to Eliminate Lice

By On May 13, 2013

The louse is a creature that has earned a bad reputation for its host; judged as unclean and as if the next phase of infestation were leprosy. This is not so; take… Read More