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Rosie Pope’s Advice For Kate Middleton

By On September 17, 2014

Rosie Pope is not only an actress, she’s also a household name in the parenting world. Pope, 34, is the founder of Rosie Pope Maternity, MomPrep and Rosie Pope Baby, as well… Read More


PCOS Confessions: Amanda’s Story

By On September 16, 2014

Today’s confession is written by Amanda G. Thanks for sharing your story, Amanda. I was 20 when I got diagnosed with PCOS I had been married for 3 years at the time… Read More


PCOS Confessions: Teah Otey’s Story

By On September 11, 2014

Today’s confession is written by Teah Otey. Reading her story makes me realize that everybody is so different and when it comes to PCOS, no two situations are alike. Thanks for sharing… Read More


Final Recap of Fiber Choice 30 Day Get Picky Challenge

By On September 10, 2014

I started the “Fiber Choice Get Picky Challenge” of using Fiber Choice Fruity Bites for 30 days and noting if I see a difference. Fiber can help lower cholesterol levels by keeping… Read More


PCOS Confessions: Jenna Clements’ Story

By On September 10, 2014

Today’s confession is written by Jenna Clements. Jenna’s husband, Ryan Clements, was just a featured Rad Dad on Modern Day Dads, however, it was pure coincidence that we started chatting. I had… Read More


PCOS Confessions: Pregnitude & Myo-Inositol for PCOS

By On September 9, 2014

Pregnitude is not a pre-natal vitamin, but a unique reproductive support dietary supplement that easily supports a woman’s body and promotes a healthy reproductive cycle. But before I talk about Pregnitude itself,… Read More

baby at his potty

Tips for Potty Training Boys

By On September 8, 2014

Explain potty training just like you do anything else. It’s important to remember that for the first two or so years of his life, peeing and pooping in a diaper was just… Read More


PCOS Confessions: Ashley Wallace’s Story

By On September 7, 2014

Today’s confession is written by Ashley Wallace. Ashley is a friend of mine and when she recently found out I was dealing with a lot of the same issues, she decided to… Read More


PCOS Confessions: Introduction

By On September 6, 2014

Before I really get into it, I thought I’d give you a little background about myself to paint a better picture for you. I am in my early 30’s, I am a… Read More

Arts & Crafts

DIY Reusable Felt Swiffers

By On August 26, 2014

These reusable Swiffer covers are ingenious! Never again will you have to buy refills…you can make your own if and when they wear out. And felt is inexpensive, so you can make… Read More


Finding Out I Was Pregnant

By On August 19, 2014

I was 22 years old and I had met the man of my dreams. We recently had went through the whole process of moving in together and we were both working full-time… Read More

IMG_7559 copy

5 Tips To Help Combat Morning Sickness

By On August 19, 2014

I didn’t just have morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had all-day, all-night sickness. I was sick. Nothing satisfied my cravings, I was miserable. It didn’t last much… Read More


Taking Control of my Health

By On August 1, 2014

Received some health news today that is requiring me to completely change my diet and exercise routine (which to be honest was non-existent). If anyone wants to join me on a journey… Read More


Watermelon, Pineapple & Ginger Smoothie

By On July 15, 2014

This is the best smoothie ever. This smoothie one contains: Watermelon, canned pineapple juice, canned pineapple chunks, ginger. Throw in the blender and blend until super smooth. So refreshing. Add a little… Read More