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Arts & Crafts

DIY Halloween Jars

By On October 29, 2015

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is creeping up. I have never been a fan, but my son is just starting to understand a little about it and he’s obsessed with pumpkins… Read More

Arts & Crafts

DIY EAT Sign for Kitchen (as seen on Cougar Town)

By On May 21, 2015

Welcome to our DIY Crafts series! We invite you to check back often as we share these fun project ideas with you. You can view all of the DIY Crafts by visiting… Read More

Arts & Crafts

DIY Homemade Cleaner Recipes You Can’t Live Without

By On May 18, 2015

When it comes to cleaning, natural is the way to go. I understand it may not always be possible to “go green” but with these recipes below, I will make it so… Read More


Strawberry-Lemon Soda

By On October 6, 2014

I stumbled upon this recipe the other day while looking at refreshing drink ideas! Let me know if you make it! Serves 6 Make this fruity soda an adults-only cocktail by substituting… Read More


Fresh Mozzarella, Sausage & Spinach Lasagna with Alfredo & Tomato Sauce

By On September 23, 2014

I couldn’t come up with a name for this Lasagna after creating the recipe. I still have not figured out what to call it so describing it works.. so there ya go!… Read More


Brownies with Oreo & Cookie Dough Layers

By On September 22, 2014

Want more recipes? To see our entire food & recipe archive, click here and bookmark it. Over 400+ recipes for every occasion (including drinks)! Also known as Slutty Brownies, these brownies are… Read More


6 Time & Space Saving Makeup Essentials

By On September 12, 2014

In a perfect world I’d have enough time to skillfully craft a gorgeous makeup look every day, complete with contouring, falsies and lip liner. Here in the real world, that is unfortunately… Read More

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French Toast, Peanut Butter & Jelly Style

By On September 12, 2014

This is a delicious twist to the traditional french toast that is a family favorite. Instead of stopping with the bread, why not take it a step further by adding the pb&j?… Read More


Mom’s Easy Baked Meatballs

By On September 5, 2014

While visiting with family recently, I had the chance to take a break from the cooking and enjoy some of my mother-in-law’s delicious meals. It was quite the treat, if I do… Read More


Spicy Tabasco Chili

By On September 4, 2014

During an invitation to Avery Island, I got the chance to meet the people behind Tabasco and spent 3 full days experiencing all there is to offer on that amazing island and… Read More


Easy Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken

By On September 2, 2014

The internet is a wonderful thing. Gone are the days when you had to actually browse your cookbooks to come up with ideas for this week’s meals. Now, I browse the internet.… Read More


150+ Uses for Vinegar

By On September 1, 2014

Vinegar is magical. I never knew until recently just how handy vinegar is! We use vinegar a lot in our house. Vinegar cleans much like an all-purpose cleaner. Basically, all you need… Read More


Ana’s Colorful Layered Jello Recipe

By On August 28, 2014

Yummy Jello? Yes! There is such a thing. This past weekend, 3 of the Modern Day Moms got together for the 1st Birthday Party of Jasmine’s adorable son! During that party, they… Read More

Arts & Crafts

DIY Crafts: DIY Fringe Shirt

By On August 21, 2014

Welcome to our DIY Crafts series! DIY Crafts is focused on crafts that we have done, crafts that we will do and crafts that others have done that we feel deserve the… Read More


Make Your Hallway a More Usable Space

By On August 21, 2014

Recently, I wrote about chalkboard paint being my favorite thing. Here’s another idea! When my daughter was 18 months old, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was hiding crayons and… Read More


From The Cantry: Easy Vegetarian Chili Pie

By On May 29, 2014

Modern Day Moms will be featuring an easy-to-make recipe using ingredients from my “Cantry“. What is a Cantry? Well, I’m sure we all have it. It’s the place you store all your… Read More

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Baby Gear

Top Toddler Must-Have: BubbleBum Inflatable Booster

By On April 19, 2014

The makers of BubbleBum – the first inflatable booster seat has made traveling easier than ever – just made things easier with making their innovative product available for purchase at national retailers including and We’ve… Read More


Tips on Buying, Using & Cleaning Aromatherapy Diffusers

By On April 18, 2014

This is an aromatherapy diffuser and if you haven’t heard about them before, let me give you a little background. What are they? Diffusers do a great job of filling the air… Read More


8 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Must Try Today

By On April 9, 2014

Starbucks Secret Menu: Cadbury Egg Frappuccino Cadbury Creme Eggs are such a great treat for Easter, but they don’t have to be just an Easter treat! You can have a Cadbury Egg… Read More


Mini Make-Ahead & Freeze Frittatas

By On April 1, 2014

The last thing you want to do in the morning as you are rushing around the house, is make a huge meal. But, let’s face it, breakfast is one of the most… Read More