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10 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

By On February 23, 2012

I’m a big fan of mason jars and can’t think of anything better than a nice refreshing glass of lemonade right out of one. There are quite a few creative things to… Read More

Bath, Bed & Body

Push Pack: The Labor and Delivery MUST HAVE

By On February 22, 2012

As I prepared for the delivery of my son, Hubby and I did everything all new parents do: got the nursery ready, bought cute clothes, I helped teach him about infants, we… Read More


Fashion Forward Maternity: Pregnancy Couture For Less

By On February 21, 2012

Fashion Forward Maternity is the hip online boutique that provides savvy, stylish, professional women with the opportunity to rent high-quality, designer maternity fashions at a fraction of the price to serve them… Read More

Willow Romper

Cute Kid Fashion: Maisonnette

By On February 21, 2012

Maisonnette started out as a unique boutique, located downtown Oceanside, CA, in a darling little black and white 1924 cottage. Maisonnette was founded in July of 2009 by the Girls of Maisonnette,… Read More


Liv & Lily Boutique

By On February 21, 2012

Be still my heart. Liv & Lily is a luxury brand of accessories for all things baby, child and women of all ages! They make the cutest accessories ever and their headbands… Read More


Let Your Kids Rock & Roll with Little Trendstar!

By On February 20, 2012

We have featured Little Trendstar on Modern Day Moms more than a few times and with good reason. Jasmine first brought Little Trendstar to your attention back in September with her post… Read More

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Giveaway: líllébaby™ Nordic Carrier

By On February 20, 2012

This giveaway has ended. See winner at the end of this post. As promised, here is an amazing giveaway for a baby carrier that you are sure to love. The líllébaby Nordic… Read More


10 Gifts for Grilling Enthusiasts (aka Dads)

By On February 16, 2012

This post is part of our Top 10 series… yes, even though it may not always be ’10’. To see our previous Top 10 related posts, click here. Top 10: Gifts for… Read More


Babiators: Shades For Your Sweeties

By On February 15, 2012

Recently, we discovered the adorable Babiators and my daughter hasn’t put them down since. These sunglasses are safe, durable and awesome. Babiators protect your child’s eyes at a critical time – Babiators’… Read More


Healthy Snack: ProBugs – Organic, Probiotic Yogurt Smoothie for Kids

By On February 13, 2012

ProBugs, Lifeway Food’s kid friendly version of their organic Kefir, is a great way for kids have a healthy & nutritious smoothie-type drink on-the-go. ProBugs is rich in “friendly bugs” and “probiotics”… Read More

100460 Dino Trackers

Giveaway: Dino Dan – Dino Trackers DVD

By On February 13, 2012

The giveaway has ended. Please see winner’s details below. Did you know that a Brachiosaurus weighed up to 80 tons and a T-Rex could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in… Read More


Book Nook: Valentine’s Day Children’s Books

By On February 9, 2012

This post is part of our Top 10 series… yes, even though it may not always be ’10’. To see our previous Top 10 related posts, click here. This week’s top trend… Read More


Healthy Mom: Cranberry Care

By On February 7, 2012

Welcome to our Healthy Mom series. Often times us moms are so busy taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves. This series will mention some products that will… Read More


TOYconomy – No Fuss, Award Winning Toy Rental Service

By On February 7, 2012

Toy rental… It’s the new smart, no fuss way for your kids to enjoy toys without breaking the bank. If you’re wondering… “why toy rental?” TOYconomy explains it best, “If your kids… Read More

HP Photosmart 7510 Front Facing

Top Trend: I Print, You Print, We All Print For ePrint.

By On February 2, 2012

This post is part of our Top 10 series… yes, even though it may not always be ’10’. To see our previous Top 10 related posts, click here. This week’s top trend… Read More


Trendsetter Look: Boyfriend Jeans

By On February 1, 2012

Boyfriend Jeans are the latest trend in the fashion world. Newly engaged Halle Berry was spotted wearing the Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jean in the Monroe wash, while heading to brunch with… Read More

New Bra #1
Bath, Bed & Body

Pregnancy: New Nummies Maternity Comfort Bra

By On February 1, 2012

Pregnant and nursing women need comfort. Nummies Bras, a Canadian maternity and nursing bra company, has listened to the qualms and uncertainties expressed by pregnant women and has designed and launched a… Read More


Beauty 411: DIY Manicure, Skip The Salon!

By On January 31, 2012

Welcome to Beauty 411. Topic: DIY Mani Today’s Guest Post is from Sasha. She’s here to give you some awesome tips & must-haves for your flawless do-it-yourself mani. Take it away! Hi!… Read More


Snuggle My, Huggle My Wuggle Pets.

By On January 31, 2012

I know you have seen that commercial or at least heard your child singing that song. Wuggle Pets are the new must have activity-toy for little ones that is winning the hearts… Read More


Beauty 411: Eyebrow Waxing Made Easy

By On January 26, 2012

Welcome to Beauty 411! Today’s Topic is Eyebrow Waxing, Wait… this is worth it. My eyebrows were starting to get out of control lately. Oh, who am I kidding? My eyebrows are… Read More