“Easily Manage Symptoms When A Cold or Flu Strikes”

Many of us are looking forward to the cooler weather of fall. Fall festivals, family get-togethers, and the festivities of many upcoming holidays are all in the air. With all the wonderful things that fall brings, there is one thing that can creep around the corner. One thing is the dreaded cold and flu season.

The problem is that it really never fits into our schedule. Cold symptoms seem to show their ugly faces at the most inconvenient and unexpected of times. In between school and work, afterschool activities and running errands, we just have no place for catching a cold or the flu.

For this reason, we always try and have our own little remedies and medicines on hand to help ease the symptoms. From natural herbs like Astragalus that my husband swears by to traditional cold and flu medicine on the way to homeopathic honey based medicines to just help ease the symptoms, we keep our cupboard stocked at all times. We have allergy medicine, probiotics, vitamins in all shapes and sizes, we have cough syrup, we have throat spray, truly something for almost every ailment. Another tool in our arsenal is the SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid.

When a cold strikes one of us, we make sure to manage the symptoms as well as possible the first sign of sickness. It’s no fun feeling sick, and quick action is the key to feeling better in no time. We are stocked up so that when sickness strikes, we have a great defense. Visit SayAhh! on the web! You can also like them on facebook.

Safe for kids six years and older and perfect for anyone with a strong gag reflex (which can make throat/mouth observation difficult, to say the least), SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid includes a scientifically-designed, patented tongue depressor that minimizes the gag reflex, flashlight and a chart with medical-grade illustrations and descriptions of six common childhood throat ailments (strep throat, coxsackie, mononucleosis, etc.), providing you with a solid basis for comparison to what should be seen in a normal throat, then report this to your doctor’s office who can advise you further. Additional information can be found on and on the SayAhh! Exam Guide App available in the Apple App Store and coming soon to Google Play.

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