Emily from Modern Day Moms on WBCL 90.3 (Listen)

“Emily from Modern Day Moms on WBCL 90.3 (Listen)”

This morning, Modern Day Moms was on WBCL on 90.3. Click here and tune in to the 37:00 mark when you click “Listen Now”.

You can also download or listen here (mp3)

“I’ve loved all our guests up until this point but I’m so glad we’re at 10:40am and Emily is with us!” they said as they began the conversation with Emily regarding her TP Wall Art post. They asked her to explain her Wall Art and had many great things to say about our site! Listen now.

You can view the original TP Wall Art post here: http://moderndaymoms.com/make-it-yourself-monday-tp-wall-art/


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