The Secret to Family Movie Night

“The Secret to Family Movie Night”

It’s no secret that being a parent can be tough. Sometimes the recipe to being a great parent is knowing when to take a little time for yourself and decompress.

After a long day of temper tantrums, “mine mine mine’s” and screams that rival the sound of a passing ambulance, the best thing to do is get in a little “me” time. One of my most favorite ways to let the stress melt away is to immerse myself in the fantasy that I actually made it out to a movie for some alone time.

After my little tot has drifted off to sleep, I creep into my favorite easy chair, pop a bag of popcorn, and turn on a flick that takes me to another place.


When it is time for me to have that great escape within the walls of my home, there is nothing I like better than a classic western film.

As a child I can remember imagining my living room disappearing underneath me and reappearing as an old frontier town. My baseball cap easily imagined as a cowboy hat and the rocking chair was my trusty steed. To this very day, I still admire the way a good western film depicts a world organized around a code of honor and justice.

Occasionally that little kiddo of mine, who I unapologetically needed a little break from, creeps down the stars, just in time for the finale. She nestles into my lap, watches the hero kiss the girl, ride off into the sunset and looks to the rolling credits as she asks “Was that a good movie?”

I start trying to explain her the virtue and moral to such a story, how good can triumph over evil despite the greatest of odds as she yawns and says “Hey Dad?” Thinking I may have struck a chord, and perhaps we can enjoy a few western films together, I eagerly answer her, “Yes my dear?” Her nose crinkles, her eyes go wide and she all but whispers, “Can I have some of your popcorn?”

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