Finding Your Electrolytenment

“Finding Your Electrolytenment”


Some people might wind down from a hard day and try and achieve an enlightened state of mind with a warm bath, candles and a good book. Others hit the gym for a runners high, or a piece of yogic bliss. I experience my zen state of mind in a useless wooden toy.

A child’s plaything, and certainly something I should have outgrown years ago. But between the urethane wheels on the concrete and the freedom and expression of a gripped wooden deck beneath my feet, my enlightenment comes from a skateboard. A toy that has been with me through thick and thin.

Something that when I step on board allows me to truly escape from the outside world and be forced to live in the moment. When I am dropping down a nine foot vertical concrete wave, nothing is on my mind but making it down to the bottom. Skateboarding has been there for me through many of life’s situations and has been everything and nothing all at once. My mind is always racing on board.

You start to grow what I call “skateboarder’s eyes”, every part of the urban landscape is viewed differently. They all become an obstacle with seemingly endless possibilities. Can I ride on it, jump over it or grind on it? Can I go up it, down it or through it? Should my board jump high, flip beneath my feet, or viciously slide into the curb like a shark hunting for prey? It is a mind state, that helps me keep my mind clear, while racing through the options and creative moves like a painter holding a paintbrush. My body feels the brunt end of it a lot of the time, as evidenced by a car trunk filled not only with skateboards but also ankle, knee and wrist braces from past injuries, and helmets that would do a better job protecting my head if I had them on. But just as my body feels pain, I feel the reward of a hard skate session.

The pump and burn of racing through concave structures of wood and concrete, the ache of using every muscle in my legs to launch my body a few feet into the hair and land back on board. On board, I feel like I have found the fountain of youth. My board also brings me full circle, mind, body and lastly soul, where it transforms me into a child again. My heart sings with the freedom of expression a good ride gives me, the moments I can share with friends or just with the landscape I am exploring. Being able to stop and smell the roses, stop and jump the stairs, and start again as I push back home, tired, sweaty and thirsty, but most of all enlightened by my board. Afterwards I always have a few moments of decompression.

I let the physical and mental experience set in. Relish in the moments of creation and success and delight in knowing I made it out from the moments of danger and pain. I usually sit in my favorite chair and take a drink from some resource® Natural Spring Water. Not everything in life has to be so serious, and sometimes its important to live in the moment, the right here and now, and let the little boy or girl that is inside you to take a break from the grind and, well….get on your skateboard and grind.


resource® Natural Spring Water is a holistic bottled water brand that sustains a lifestyle of wellbeing – spring water with naturally occurring electrolytes for taste, a bottle made from 50% recycled plastic [excluding label and cap], and a source for discovery and enlightenment.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by resource® Natural Spring Water via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of resource® Natural Spring Water.


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