Kid's Back To School Style

“Kid’s Back To School Style”

Who knew that a six year old could have their own personal style. Where did this come from? “Mom, I hate that dress!” “Mom, those shoes look weird.” Pretty opinionated if you ask me, but I guess that is how it all starts. To say my daughter has developed her own style would be an understatement. She is far past Mom and Dad picking out her outfits for her and helping her get dressed before school time. She knows exactly what she wants to wear and how she wants to wear it. She puts together her own funky style, in what I could only describe as somewhere between a pop star and a vampire. Weird mix, I know but it is what it is. She’s six. I’d like to say that we have been an influence in her attire choice, but there is nothing between my wife and I that would influence her to gravitate towards black nail polish. Although there are some limits we have to impose, like going with purple instead of the full on black nail polish, I think its important to help her nurture her individuality.


When I asked my 6 year old to describe her style she really did give it some thought. After a few minutes she said “Monster High”. If you are not familiar with this show, and the clothes, and the books, and the dolls, fear not, you aren’t alone. I had no idea what it was either, until she said that was “all she wanted for her birthday, and Christmas.” “These must be some pretty cool dolls.” I thought to myself. Certainly next time I went to the store she pointed them out to me on the isle. I got it now, these were more than dolls, these were…dare I say “Pop Gothic Fashionistas?” Some of the outfits these monster creatures were wearing did look a lot like the style my little girl was trying to emulate. Fun colored high socks, with elements of dark gothic skirts. These did look pretty cool. I don’t know if any of her friends also follow this “monster style” trend, but I can assure you that my six year old is on top of it.

Being as young as she is, but showing a strong independent streak makes me pretty proud to be the father of such a cool little girl. It gives me confidence that she will be able to excel in her classes, and maintain a role as a leader instead of a follower. I think her being able to pick her own clothes and outfits really does give her a sense of pride, and some mornings, knowing that she has that “rockin’ new outfit” is the only thing rolling her out of the bed, into the car, and onto the school campus. “I can’t wait until he sees my new shirt, dad” Wait a second, she can’t wait until who sees it? Nevermind. They just grow up so fast.

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