New Show I'm Having Their Baby Premieres Tonight & A Chance To Win $100

“New Show I’m Having Their Baby Premieres Tonight & A Chance To Win $100”

Tonight at 11/10c, Oxygen will premier their new show: I’m Having Their Baby.

Tonight at 11/10c, Oxygen will premier their new show: I’m Having Their Baby.

Now, everyone will have a chance to go inside the actual adoption process in a new 6 episode docu-series called “I’m Having Their Baby“. This series gives viewers an intimate look into the world of adoption. It will tell the untold stories – that of the birth mothers and their experience in making this difficult and emotional choice.

Each episode will follow 2 pregnant women who have made the choice to place their babies up for adoption and are now dealing with the life changing decisions that will follow.
Each hour-long episode will bring you into the whole process of adoption by getting to know the birth mothers and in some episodes, the birth fathers and adoptive parents.

With this unique show topic, the cases shown are extremely complex and diverse in circumstances, evoking a range of emotions, but share the lighter moments as well. Though each case is different, there is one thing in common – each woman wants the brightest future for her unborn child. The intention is to show these heartfelt yet complicated real circumstances that don’t often get represented – without judgment and without an agenda.

One thing I love about this show is the fact that all of the birth mothers wanted to share their story openly and honestly. Oxygen’s goal was to be authentic in the representation of these very personal journeys and the mixed emotions that come along with that, allowing viewers to bear witness to the adoption process and heart-wrenching final decisions each family must face.

Are you interested in seeing these untold stories of adoption? Let us know your thoughts! Also, we encourage you to chat with us LIVE tonight!!! Details below:

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