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Braised Pork with Spicy Potatoes (Puerco Bravo)

From Chef Pierino:
For this Uproot pairing I wanted to come out with a more assertive main course but I think this is still a good match of wine and meat. As an added bonus this works really well when prepared in a slow cooker provided that the meat is browned first in hot fat. The inspiration is a ragu Neapolitan style. The pork shoulder can be cooked as an entire piece or cut up into pieces of about 2 inches as for a stew. The Spanish riff comes in with the potatoes which finish up almost like “patatas bravas”. You could serve the finished sauce separately over pasta.


Natural Allergy & Cold Remedies

I believe everyone should grow at least a few herbs at home.  Few things have been as rewarding to me as commandeering a strip of land in my yard and devoting it to a little git of gardening.  I started small, so it wouldn’t be overwhelming, but I have since really been able to reap the benefits of my own herb garden.  Aside from the calming effect of tending to an herb garden already, many herbs have a use beyond food flavoring and spice, many have a medicinal value and are great to have around the home.  With school season starting, I know a few of us are going to be feeling a little under the weather be it from a cold and cough, or a bee sting (some kids just HAVE to poke bees on the playground, don’t they?)


Baby Gear Spotlight: Britax Advocate 70-G3

Newly updated BRITAX G3 convertible car seats are taking their place at the top of every new parent’s must-have list. All five models provide safety features that are visible and clearly labeled. Select models also offer a newly introduced safety technology and some provide an added convenience feature. Today, we are talking about the Britax Advocate 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat which is a mix of form and function.