The Forever Prize

The “Forever” Prize lets you leave a legacy for your loved ones. Win, and you’d get $5,000 a week for your life, then after that, you’d get to choose someone to receive $5,000 a week for their life! It’s unlike any other PCH prize — and it’s GUARANTEED to be awarded this August! What would I do if I won? That’s easy. I’d put most of it in a savings account for my daughter. She would have enough to be comfortable through college and a little to start her own life with by the time she needed it. Of course, I would spend a little on my husband as well. I can’t say that we have ever had a 100$ per plate steak dinner, but I can promise you; we would try it before I died. We might even try it a few times, just to make sure we liked it. I suppose there are some small luxuries that I would also consider. Maybe paying off my house sooner than later, getting a few teeth fixed and fixing the speaker in my car that’s been blown for 4 years. I’d repay back some debts to family members that were absolved, just because I finally could, and I’d pay it with interest, then I’d take off work. After all, with $5,000, my idea of work is sleeping in, enjoying some coffee (from my brand new luxury coffee maker) and enjoying time with my family. Maybe taking an afternoon bike ride (on my brand new luxury bicycle), and then taking a weekender, here and there. Maybe move a little closer to the beach…but not too close, after all, I’m not a big spender.

Everyday Tips & Ideas

6 Ways To Live Without Worry

When the late musician Bob Marley sang, “Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright,” he was clearly being optimistic. Worry is a natural and uncontrollable human emotion. Whether it’s your health, finances, or safety, there’s likely always something worrying you. However, there are ways to get this stressful feeling under control. Here are some things you can do to ease those constant agonizing thoughts.

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Spicy Maple-Soy Salmon…on a budget

We all know that seafood is healthy and delicious for you, especially salmon, loaded with lots of protein, Vitamin D, omega-3’s and good fats. But it can get pretty pricey. A salmon filet from your grocery store may cost you $8 a pound. Skip this route and go to a big Asian supermarket. Most Asian markets are going to be consistently cheaper than your traditional chain supermarket, and have a much wider and fresher selection of ingredients.  This week I went in and found that salmon fillets were $5.00 a pound. Better than the other grocery store, but I still wasn’t willing to pay that much. After a little searching, I found salmon belly for only a $1.49 a pound! Score!