Tired Parenting

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing things you can do, but it certainly isn’t easy. Starting a family can be draining both physically and mentally, so it’s no wonder moms and dads are often on the lookout for a boost. Simply getting through the day can be a challenge, especially in households where sleep is in very short supply.


Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Fun Projects to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share came out on June 18th. The book is a collection of charming, beautiful, creative and educational crafts projects that parents and kids (ages 3-12) will love to create together.

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Top 3 Ways for Families to Celebrate Nature

FamilyFun magazine (familyfunmag.com), a trusted, go-to source for travel recommendations and family activities for more than 20 years, has released a special “Get Outdoors” themed issue and has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation on great ideas to help families spend more time in nature. The “Let’s Get Outdoors!” feature story appears in the June/July issue of the magazine, on newsstands June 5 includes dozens of ideas ranging from mapping the neighborhood’s natural wonders to going on a photo safari.

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School’s Out for Summer! Now what?

I know, I know; I always get that song stuck in my head, too (cue Alice Cooper now). And sometimes, at the beginning of summer, it can feel like there’s no end in sight. But trust me, not Alice Cooper, when I say school is not out forever. And I’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you and your child have a fun and constructive summer.