FamilyFun magazine (, a trusted, go-to source for travel recommendations and family activities for more than 20 years, has released a special “Get Outdoors” themed issue and has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation on great ideas to help families spend more time in nature. The “Let’s Get Outdoors!” feature story appears in the June/July issue of the magazine, on newsstands June 5 includes dozens of ideas ranging from mapping the neighborhood’s natural wonders to going on a photo safari.

I know, I know; I always get that song stuck in my head, too (cue Alice Cooper now). And sometimes, at the beginning of summer, it can feel like there’s no end in sight. But trust me, not Alice Cooper, when I say school is not out forever. And I’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you and your child have a fun and constructive summer.

Moms pass down advice through generations; others create their own pieces of wisdom. Sometimes the advice Mom gives can seem a little “out there”, influenced by her own unique traditions and values. But there’s no denying that Mom’s advice always comes from the heart. We celebrate Mom for all of her unique wisdom.

School is out and summer is here. Kids don’t have to suffer from summer tedium, not when parents have iPhones, iPads and iPods to help quell the boredom. Here are five free fun apps that will keep kids playing, learning and strategizing for hours at a time – whether on road trips, plane rides or just sitting at home.

Brussels sprouts get a terrible rap. On television, Brussels sprouts are a horrid vegetable no little kid wants to eat. Growing up, I never had Brussels sprouts and it wasn’t until I ate at my college dining hall that I had Brussels sprouts. And they lived up to their reputation as a horrid vegetable. Brussels sprouts can be quite bitter and bland, and those sprouts you need to avoid at all costs. A while passed after my first experience with Brussels sprouts until I saw a bag of Brussels sprouts in the freezer aisle and had the urge to give them a second try.