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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apple Cider Vinegar

Brussels sprouts get a terrible rap. On television, Brussels sprouts are a horrid vegetable no little kid wants to eat. Growing up, I never had Brussels sprouts and it wasn’t until I ate at my college dining hall that I had Brussels sprouts. And they lived up to their reputation as a horrid vegetable. Brussels sprouts can be quite bitter and bland, and those sprouts you need to avoid at all costs. A while passed after my first experience with Brussels sprouts until I saw a bag of Brussels sprouts in the freezer aisle and had the urge to give them a second try.

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Cool Cucumber “Salad” & Tips on Growing Your Own Cucumbers

We became homeowners in January and every minute since I’ve been working to turn the back yard from a post-apocalyptic nightmare to a kid friendly space with an organic garden. So far, we’ve harvested our first tomato and several cucumbers and I am super happy! Today, I found myself caught up in one of those “oh no, I totally forgot to feed myself lunch and now I am suddenly, intensely STARVING” mom-moments. Thanks to the cucumbers, I whipped up this lifesaver of a “salad” and had it with flat bread. Next time I will have this over a giant bowl of baby spinach or kale- which we did not have on hand in my moment of over the top hunger.

Mocha Cream Puffs
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Mocha Cream Puffs

Cream puffs look impressive, but they’re actually easy to make. In fact, the pastry itself is made of only four ingredients that you probably have right now– butter, water, flour, and eggs. Once you make the pastry, or the pate a choux you are free to vary the fillings and toppings, from sweet to savory. Today I’ve done a twist on the classic vanilla cream puff and flavored the filling with coffee that goes great with the dark chocolate and chopped nuts on top.


Cooper Tire Super Mom Ride-N-Drive

We recently attended the Cooper Tire Super Mom Ride-N-Drive where we got to burn some rubber and learn many new things about safety and maintaining our tires! We also got to do some hot laps with famed Johnny Unser. We even had our knowledge handed to us during the “Busy Mommy” distracted driving obstacle course.


“Dads Who Rock” Playlist for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend, and to help you celebrate, Rdio just released a “Dads Who Rock” playlist with 26 songs from some of the hottest daddies in music! An eclectic mix of R&B to old school rock and roll, enjoy some of the best hit tracks from old, new, and soon-to-be dads in this original playlist including Kanye West, Kid Rock and Elvis Presley!