When my son was born, I can still remember the nurse telling me “he is a quiet one, you are one of the lucky ones”… boy was she wrong. (And I’m still trying to track her down!) After we brought him home from the hospital, it became clear something was wrong; he screamed day and night in pain and projectile vomited before, during, and after every feeding. As a first time mom I was frantic, asking everyone for help, and everyone brushed my concerns aside because I was just a frantic first time mom. His pediatrician assured us this was normal, it was just reflux and with new (and expensive) medication and formulas it would get better with time. No, there was no reason to bother with specialists, they knew what they were talking about. Time and time again we asked “Well his father had pyloric stenosis, and we know its hereditary, could this be it?” “No, we know what we are talking about, this is all completely normal”.

Who can forget the classic tale of Alice’s adventures in wonderland? I have always thought how much I’d love to share the classic version with my daughter, while keeping her interest all the while.  For many classic books, this can be a daunting task!  Although she does still enjoy many print books, it’s a real treat for her to be able to engage in such a classic literature, in a meaningful and interesting way, that perhaps she wouldn’t have before.  Sometimes I just don’t have the patience to read through another lengthy book, and she doesn’t have the attention span to listen to me read unless there are some moving pictures as the day wears on.    

Keeping our kids healthy and ready for summer activities is no easy task.  It seems like there is a long list of things to do, that I either forget, or remember at the last minute.  Our days always start with a healthy breakfast, and morning time vitamins.  Why vitamins?  If you are like us, our child is a notoriously picky eater, and despite our best efforts she may not get all the nutrients she need from her diet alone. 

If you told me last year that I would be going to Mexico, I would laugh and say “no way!” but that dream became a reality in July and I brought our editor & site photographer, Megan along for the fun, adventurous ride. With her camera in hand, she captured some amazing photographs of our adventures that I am so excited to share with you today.