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Cultivating Happiness

The other night I watched a charming documentary on Netflix called “Happy.” It’s directed by Rocko Belic, Oscar nominated director of “Genghis Blues,” who travels the world interviewing both average joes and respected scientists trying to figure out just what it is that makes us, well, happy.


Daily Photo

These two candles smell EXACTLY the same. Left is $30 at Anthropologie and Right is $10 at Target. #bargain #sale #target #anthro #deal #home #candles #love


Busch Gardens Premieres Madagascar Live! Operation Vacation

Busch Gardens® Tampa’s newest live stage show “Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation” premiered on May 18 in Stanleyville Theater. Guests partied along the characters from DreamWorks Animation’s hit Madagascar franchise, including Alex the Lion, Gloria the Hippo and King Julien on a vacation adventure at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Everyday Travel

Places To Visit: The Crystal Coast – North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks

When you are handed an agenda that involves smiles, pajamas and a bathing suit, you know you are in for a treat and that’s exactly what happened when we were invited to head to The Crystal Coast last month. Words and photos cannot express just how beautiful North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks are but Megan is going to try to show you with the amazing photographs she took while we were on this trip.

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5 Creative Uses for Your Rice Cooker

A year ago I was desperate to make some changes to my diet, so I started incorporating tons more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into my diet. I started making yummy stir fry dishes and doing lots of things with brown rice, but I was terrible at cooking the rice! I’m completely impatient, so I was always lifting the lid or not letting it sit long enough, and as a result, it always came out either gummy or not quite soft enough. I decided to make life easier for myself, and I bought a cheap rice cooker. Little did I know, I was purchasing perhaps the most useful kitchen gadget I own. That’s right: rice cookers do more than just cook rice. Don’t believe me?


Giveaway: Summer Infant Fuze Stroller ($349+ value)

Summer Infant is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Fuze Stroller, a perfect blend of fashion & function for parents on-the-go. This innovative stroller line is lightweight, modular, and versatile for a smooth, comfortable ride. It is made with a rugged, all-alluminum construction and weighs less than 25 pounds. The removable seat can be adjusted to forward and rear-facing with three recline positions. The stroller folds with seat in place and there is an adjustable handlebar for parents of all heights, lockable front swivel wheels with front and back suspension, one-step rear brake, and parent cup holder.


Recipe from the Cantry: Tortellini Carbonara

Each month until December, I will be featuring an easy-to-make healthy recipe using ingredients from my “Cantry“. What is a Cantry? Well, I’m sure we all have it. It’s the place you store all your canned goods. We actually have a ‘lazy susan’ cubby in our kitchen which we use as our Cantry. A well-stocked Cantry helps you save time and get a healthy, flavorful and home-cooked meal on the table, more often. It’s homemade made easy.


The Secret Garden (of Broccoli)

According to the Clorox Ick-tionary, Secret Garden is a place where your child has hidden those vegetables from dinner they didn’t want to eat. It creates one of those messes that can only be cleaned up with Clorox Wipes, if you know what I mean.

Everyday Food & Drink Recipes

Potato Pizza with Carmelized Onions and Garlic Infused Olive Oil

This is a secretly vegan pizza. I say secretly because you won’t notice a lack of meat or cheese or extra ingredients in this pizza. I prefer Yukon Gold potatoes  in this because I like their texture and flavor to make a perfect layer on top of the crispy crust. However, I’ve made this with normal baking potatoes, red potatoes, etc. and it’s always been delicious. The trick for even, fast cooking is cutting the potatoes thinly and uniformly and soaking them in ice cold water so they release their starches. Feel free to add herbs to the topping such as thyme or rosemary, this is just a basic recipe. Serve with a leafy salad to balance out the carb-on-carb action.