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Bacon and Green Pea Risotto with Fried Eggs

I waited a long time to try to make risotto at home, and it wasn’t until my supermarket had a sale on arborio rice that I decided now is the time. Risotto just always sounded so intimidating, and after watching a lot of shows on Food Network, I had seen and heard of a lot of risotto horror stories. However, making risotto is a surprisingly simple process that just requires a bit of stirring for a delicious payoff. There are lots of variations of risotto out there, using everything from squid ink to saffron, but this recipe comes from kitchen staples you probably have on hand. A lowly bag of frozen peas, some bacon, and some eggs all come together to make an easy one dish meal.


Tips For Your Teen’s First Car

Safety, performance, fuel economy, comfort, reliability—there are a slew of factors for parents to consider when on the hunt for a new vehicle. But safety is the essential quality parents should seek when finding a car to suit their newly driving teenager. In fact, 20 percent of 16-year-old drivers have an accident during their first year of driving, Geico notes. There are a number of key features to research when it comes to finding a safe vehicle, Reader’s Digest reports. Although none of the following features can completely prevent your teen from being involved in an accident or injury, when accompanied with good defensive driving, these safety features can save your son or daughter’s life.