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Home Remedies to Eliminate Lice

The louse is a creature that has earned a bad reputation for its host; judged as unclean and as if the next phase of infestation were leprosy. This is not so; take a deep breath and let’s look at the facts. Lice, the term used when they occur in numbers, are not difficult to treat. Fortunately, there are some easy home remedies to eliminate lice. The first concern to dispel is that lice are carriers of disease; they are not usually carriers. Better still is that lice are easy to eliminate and may only need the remedy of a lice comb. This is a comb with a very fine distribution of teeth. In fact, it may be this very function, the need to eliminate lice, that was the mother of the invention of the common comb.


Mom Fitness: Got Core?

In honor of Mother’s Day, Dustin Maher is offering 20% off coupon code to his Got Core DVD!! This two DVD set that consists of 8, 15 minute workouts. These 8 workouts start off very easy and progress over the 8 workouts becoming more and more challenging. That is to say anyone is capable of level one, and level 8 will challenge anyone reading this. Plus you will get a fat burning eating plan along with the DVDs.