11 Reasons to Call Your Mom This Mother’s Day

If you are anything like me, it just occurred to you that Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. That means you have only a few short days to put a card in the mail, order flowers, create an ornate brunch menu, and select 372 craft projects from Pinterest to create and execute perfectly just so Mom knows she raised you right.

Dinner Everyday Food & Drink Recipes

Easy Weeknight Dinner – Noodles with Coconut, Cilantro and Lime Sauce

I am thrilled to be here blogging for Modern Day Moms! Since I myself am a MDM, I have lots going on and a seemingly shorter and shorter amount of time to get it all done every day. Sound familiar?  After my son was born I was actually stunned at how difficult it was to knock things off the ever-growing to-do list…you know, stuff like “shower”, “feed self”, and “pee”. Somehow, here we are, 20 months later and still at it every day- thank goodness! I’ve been blessed with a kid who eats, eats, eats and eats some more so it’s my challenge to keep it healthy, interesting and delicious. The best way to do that, for me, is to cook 2-3 times a week. I make large portions so the meal lasts for at least 2 dinners and often a lunch or two as well, with some dishes I double batch and freeze half for a super easy dinner a few weeks later.


Places To Visit: Aruba Launches Summer Family Program

As families seek the ultimate fun in the sun spots to spend their summer months, the island of Aruba shines brightly with a new island-wide program featuring attractive deals, incentives and activities, starting May 1 – Sept. 30, 2013. Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), several tour operators and more than 10 on-island properties have partnered on this “One Happy Family” program, which includes an interactive VIK (Very Important Kid) component and culminates in a week-long trip giveaway to the One happy island.


Clorox Ick-tionary Term: Car-posting

If you are a parent, chances are you have a pack of wipes handy at all times. After a few years, I finally got the bright idea to keep them in my car. You see, originally I tried the “no food or drinks in the car, ever” and then we’d go on a road trip or you know, a drive that is longer than 2 hours and that rule flew right out the window.