After hosting the World’s Largest Bake Sale this year, Kmart was able to raise enough money to provide one million meals to children in need*. This summer, they want to feed one million more. Not only that, they will be matching donations!   FIVE

We’ve really been working with my 6 year old on staying in bed at night. The excuses come and go but lately, as we try to prepare for back-to-school routines, the excuses seem to be never-ending bringing our bedtime well past midnight.

“Morning bike ride!”, I say. My littlest ones eyes light up with excitement. My wife quickly changes into workout clothes, and i am busy inflating bicycle tires and testing out brakes. This is one way we, as a family, try to maintain

Who knew that a six year old could have their own personal style. Where did this come from? “Mom, I hate that dress!” “Mom, those shoes look weird.” Pretty opinionated if you ask me, but I guess that is how it all

This was in San Pancho (San Francisco) in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. Image uploaded via

In Sayulita, the dogs loved to roam around while their owners surfed. Image uploaded via

Back home from Mexico looking through photos. Can’t wait to share the article. In the meantime, I loved these little skulls at a market in Bucerias. Image uploaded via