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PetGear Pet Stroller Product Review

As you know, we added a new member to our family back in January: Oscar, a Boston Terrier puppy. My son requests that I bring him with me when I pick him up from school every day. I walk to do so (go green!) and it became a little harder each time. Oscar refused to walk on a leash for a while, so I had to carry him. Then he started gaining weight and holding a little 10…13…16 lb nugget became harder as he seemed to get heavier with each passing minute. Not to mention he would fight with me to try and love on all of the other parents who were waiting for their children. It became a struggle and I stopped bringing him with me. This upset my son, so I looked for an alternative. I found something I thought was funny at first, but then I thought it was brilliant. Since Oscar is still less than 6 months old, I prefer that he be exposed to other dogs or areas where dogs have been as little as possible for a while. It’s just like having a newborn baby…you wouldn’t take it to Chuck E’ Cheese during flu season. So I found the PetGear Pet Stroller. This stroller is very light and so easy to use. It can be compacted like most strollers for easy storage. We have the Happy Trails Pet Stroller and absolutely love it! And it is very affordable and comes in different colors. They also have other styles available. I would recommend looking into their products if you are like us and need an alternative solution for taking your fur baby on the go with you!


Travel Guide: Hard Rock Hotels & Treasures of Hard Rock

Hard Rock International – curator of the world’s largest collection of music memorabilia – invites groupies and fans to jam with music’s biggest names on their first joint “encore” tour with the launch of a never-before-seen traveling memorabilia exhibit. Unveiled from the brand’s massive vault, “Treasures of Hard Rock” will hit the road from April to July, stopping at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino U.S. locations. Fans will experience a backstage glimpse of the historical spirit of rock from music legends who are no longer with us today, but who gave the world influential music and phenomenal energy that will last forever. Select stops on the tour will also feature artists who have partnered with Hard Rock on philanthropic efforts throughout the years, inspired by the “Love All Serve All” mantra.

Baby Everyday

10 Diaper Bag Must-Haves from Whole Food Market

For many parents, the arrival of a new baby also marks the start of healthier habits. To get ready for new adventures, parents can start with a diaper bag stocked with baby essentials that all meet Whole Foods Market’s® strict quality standards. To help, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 diaper bag must-haves.


Limited Edition National Park Collection from Air Wick

Air Wick partnered with the National Park Foundation to craft fragrances that capture the rare essence of our National Parks. The new National Park limited edition fragrances introduced this spring are: Grand Canyon, American Samoa, Denali, Hawai’i, Virgin Islands, and Gulf Islands. These beautiful scents are great for families looking to freshen up their homes and living spaces with scents from the beautiful outdoors.