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Mini Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Pie Bites

When it came to making a quick & easy snack for the family, I knew I wanted to make something simple yet delicious. I got the idea to make mini hand pies and they were a huge hit. We are big fans of Immaculate Baking Co. and have been for quite a while now. We love that their mission is to create wholesome baking products – many of which are certified gluten-free or organic. Purchased our Immaculate Baking Co. products at our local Whole Foods Market. Of course, we used the Product Locator on Immaculate Baking’s website to find which locations near us carry the products we needed for our recipe. We picked up a box of Immaculate Baking Ready to Bake Pie Crusts.

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DIY Christmas Stocking

I know most of you may be done with your Christmas decorating, but I wanted to post a DIY just in case you aren’t or maybe if you are looking to update your old stockings. Perhaps you are like me and have more than one tree around the house and would like some new stockings to go with your different themes. Whatever the reason, this is a simple project you are sure to be pleased with.

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Mothers of Future Drivers Unite

My daughter and I had a conversation the other day where she fantasize over the idea of being able to drive. She went on for quite some time describing the type of car she wanted, and how it would just have to be in her favorite color. She went on to remark that once she was the driver of her own car that she finally would be able to pick the music that was played on the radio.

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Babywearing: Toddler Edition

This is called the “twist”, it’s where she turns her body so much that we have to put her down. We get fooled into thinking she wants to walk graciously beside us until she takes off and runs away. Pretty sure she is pulling some leaves and branches here so I fall over and she can escape.

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Do You Need a Giftervention?

I really don’t know how I got to be so lucky. As the holiday season comes around, many of my mom friends are stressing about the lengthy list that they are kids haven’t given them for Christmas. Items upon items, and none of them cheap, I would think that many of them would need a second, if not a third job just to be able to handle the holidays.


Caramel Popcorn with Peanut Brittle Bits Recipe

Around Christmas time every year, my sweet Oma would always make us caramel popcorn. It was a tradition in our family and one I looked forward to every year. When I moved away from home, I would call her and tell her that I missed the popcorn and whenever I would visit, I always ask if she has some.

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How Your Kids Can Write Letters To Santa

As you prepare to trim the tree and hang your stockings with care, don’t forget to put a little holiday cheer in the air. Now you can help a child in your life experience the magic of Christmas with the help of the U.S. Postal Service’s Letters from Santa program. For a limited time, kids can receive a personalized letter from “Santa” that includes a special “North Pole” postmark.


All Milk Is Not Created Equal, Here’s Why….


If you were like me, you used to believe that all milk is the same. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Hundreds of years ago all the milk could be considered the same; however, today not all cows produce the same type of milk our ancestors drink. In the past milk was rich in the A2 type of protein; as time passed, other types of protein started showing up in the milk of European capitals. One such protein was the A1 type. As both herds of cattle and people started migrating throughout the globe, the milk we drink started to change. Today the majority of milk in your glass has a combination of both the A1 and A2 protein types. Independent researchers have conducted studies that found by drinking the original A2 milk, not only was it more natural, but it was also much easier for a majority of people to digest.