Limited Edition babyGap Collection Inspired by Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit

This past week, Gap introduces a limited-edition collection for babyGap inspired by world-famous author Beatrix Potter and her captivating children’s book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Drawing from Potter’s mischievous characters and magical adventures, the babyGap collection brings to life a modern interpretation of the enchanting world of Peter Rabbit through imaginative gifts for girls and boys from newborn to 24 months. The collection is available starting today in babyGap stores and online at Gap.com.

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Tips for Successful Family Dinners Together

As a father of 7, I know all too well the challenges of trying to get everyone to sit down and eat dinner at the same time. There are work obligations, the kids’ activities, different sleep schedules if you have kids of varying ages, etc. Yet, sharing a family meal is worth the effort.  It’s an opportunity for the entire family to be together at once, share stories, interact and bond.  We’ve worked really hard to make family dinners happen for our family.  Here are a few ideas for your family to try:


Glittered Mason Jar Terrariums

Imagine plants that can only be killed by watering too much. Not only that, imagine a pretty serene glass jar/bowl with beautiful thriving plants, relaxing rocks and decorative pieces. That would be a terrarium and they are one of my favorite things.

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New High-Tech Tool to Help Parents with Potty Training The Littles

Pull-Ups Brand, parents’ potty training partner for nearly 25 years, is kicking off the New Year with a new high-tech tool to help the approximately 4 million moms who will start potty training this year make the process more fun and easy. The brand has launched a new and exciting app – the Pull-Ups® Big Kid App. It is a fun mobile tool that integrates imagination and reality via augmented reality technology to keep mom and child motivated throughout the potty training process. With 74 percent of Moms letting their children regularly play with their smart phone1, the Pull-Ups Big Kid App is the perfect tech-friendly tool that Moms can access and use as part of their highly mobile lives.


School Morning Routines That Work

All parents know that school mornings can be a real challenge.  You’re dealing with tired kids, trying to get everyone dressed without an argument, prepping a healthy breakfast and getting lunches and backpacks ready.  It can make you exhausted before the day even gets going.  Over the years I’ve had my fair share of rough mornings but if you stick to these tips you will be on the right track for a smooth transition for the entire family!