3 Favorite Cookbooks

1. Double Delicious!: Good, Simple Food for Busy, Complicated Lives by Jessica Seinfeld

This cookbook is for moms who want to learn how to cook things their kids will enjoy yet still taste good and go beyond the typical sandwich, fruit snacks & mac n cheese.

Everyday Kids Parenting Reviews

No, It’s Actually Bedtime!

Parents of toddlers know all too well that when you tell a child it’s bedtime they’ll likely use their newly found independence to get out of bed several times before actually going to sleep. It can be frustrating as a parent to put your child to bed multiple times every night. Well I’m here to help. With six kids of my own, I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me in the past.


Expanding Picky Palates

One thing you’ll learn quickly as a parent is that even young children have unique palates. From my experience with six kids of my own, it can be extremely difficult when every child wants something different for dinner. So what do you do? Well I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, and I hope they’ll work for you too.