With the economy sluggish still and your baby expenses mounting, you’re probably too concerned with paying for diapers to think about paying for college. By the time your newborn is packing up for college, four years at a private university will cost almost $350,000, and state schools could set you back as much as $116,000.

The key to successful remodeling is lasting value.  If you’re looking to renovate or upgrade your home these days, you’ll want to add features that won’t be outdated in just a few years from now.  Many people have the idea that home improvements involve a new kitchen or bathroom; however, there are many ways to give your home the face-lift it may need without investing in an entire room addition.  Paula Berberian, Creative Director of Brewster Home Fashions, one of the oldest independent, family-owned wallpaper companies in the U.S. that offers the upscale Kenneth James collection, shares the following tips on how to get started on your home improvements:

When it comes to bedtime, you have to follow a strict routine with my daughter if you want any sort of successful sleep schedule. We didn’t learn this until she was older unfortunately.