“Hot New iPad & iPhone Toys”

Aside from the copious amount of games offered in Apple’s App Store, toy manufacturer’s are making toys that give playing with an app a whole new experience. Instead of just playing on your phone, children now can experience games in ways not previously available!

There’s no question Hollywood had a baby boom in 2012. And in celebration, we’re taking a look at the best maternity fashion trends of this last year. From Reese Witherspoon‘s breezy summer dresses, to Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s casual chic statements, to Kristin Cavallari‘s effortless feminine

The sandwich you know and adore is no longer just for kids. The American-single-on-white version, with its soft melted cheese, golden-brown crust, and irresistible buttery warmth, is the delicious classic but grilled cheese also knows how to take a sophisticated turn. 1.

“Caring For The Family Pets”

This post brought to you by Comfort Zone® products. All opinions are 100% mine. Dogs are great for companionship, home security and can help teach your kids how to be responsible for another living thing. Adopting a pet should be fun and

It’s essential, as a parent, to teach your children the importance of giving back and being grateful for everything they have and are given. While it’s not always easy to teach life’s big lessons, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, as parents

Beginning a new chapter in its nearly 40-year heritage, the Omni Amelia Island Plantation is undergoing an extensive re-imagination project. As Florida’s award-winning island destination, the resort is recognized for offering a luxury resort experience in perfect harmony with nature, rich in

“Asian Chicken and Chili Soup”

Adjust the amount of hot chili sauce you use in this simple recipe to suit your tastes: For a soup with kick, use up to 3 teaspoons. Ingredients 6 cups chicken broth 2 red bell peppers, (ribs and seeds removed), thinly sliced

Surely you’ve heard about the Starbucks Secret Menu by now but if you haven’t, let me change your life forever. Here are 8 of the most popular drinks from the secret menu including my favorite….. The Snickers Frappuccino, which I ordered today.

Travelling with little ones can be difficult, even so during the holidays. It’s hard to keep up the sleep routine so Daddy Nickell is here to offer some tips to avoid sleep issues during the holidays. Make Sure Your Kids Get Enough

“Daily Photo”

I love when my child sneaks my phone and plays @DrawSomething against my friends. #cute Image uploaded via http://instagram.com/moderndaymoms.

“Your Tried & True Cough Remedies”

When asking our friends on Facebook for the best advice when feeling crappy, they responded with some tried & true remedies to help with that nasty cough. Here they are: Rubbing Vicks on your chest Heather I always rub it on the