This quick play on meat and potatoes celebrates a juicy — yet affordable — cut of beef. Ingredients 2 garlic cloves Coarse salt and ground pepper 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 1/2 pounds red new potatoes, sliced 1

“Short Ribs Braised in Balsamic”

Braised short ribs, country bread and a big red wine are the components of a perfect winter menu. These fork-tender short ribs can be braised in a slow cooker and served as the centerpiece of a special night in. Short Ribs Braised

“Peppermint Hot Fudge Sundaes”

Ingredients 1 cup heavy cream 1/3 cup light corn syrup, plus more to adjust consistency One 12-ounce bag semisweet chocolate chips 1 teaspoon peppermint extract Best-quality vanilla ice cream Peppermint candy, coarsely chopped Directions Combine heavy cream and corn syrup in a

The U.S. Postal Service is helping keep the enchantment of Santa Claus alive with its “Letters From Santa” program. “Letters From Santa” allows a parent, grandparent or any person in a child’s life to mail a letter to their child “From Santa,”

“Turkey Sloppy Joes”

When Sarah says “sloppy joe,” the phrase “healthy food” doesn’t really come to mind, does it? Well it will after you see this recipe. She will show you how to make a turkey sloppy joe that’s just as delicious, juicy, and comforting

Here are 10 great traditions for Thanksgiving celebrations: Yes, the highlights of Thanksgiving Day are the watching the parade (and the game) and eating turkey. But this special holiday isn’t just about the entertainment and the food. This year, start a new

This Thanksgiving, my parents will be up North and I surely will be missing them. Each Thanksgiving, my family makes sure to go all out. They are the kind of parents who will invite over anyone who doesn’t have a place to

“Fudgy Pecan Brownies”

When you hear “gluten-free brownie,” do you expect to get something that isn’t quite as delicious as a traditional brownie? Well, this recipe will change your mind forever. Fudgy Pecan Brownies Ingredients 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into pieces, plus more for

There are so many great recipes on Pinterest. We are going to start highlighting some of our favorites and sharing them with our readers, showing you the original source and how to make the recipe. Enjoy! Today’s recipe: Grilled Cheese Rolls Original

“Tech Talk: Just Dance 4 (review)”

Whenever we have company over, we always end up busting out the wii. I don’t know why but it never fails, you can almost count on it! As a member of UbiChamps where I’m able to review new wii games, I received

“No Nonsense Style Made Easy”

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.   It's hard to find stylish tights and leggings that actually look good but we see celebrities rockin' them all the time.    Now that it's fall, it's more