Maclaren has just released their latest marvel the Globetrotter and it is everything you could ever wish for in a stroller. To call it a simple umbrella stroller is selling the Globetrotter short, way short. The Globetrotter is lightweight but sturdy, folds easily and is unbelievably compact. The quality of this stroller is remarkable; the frame is solid, the fabric is strong and wipes clean easily, it dries quickly (as evidenced by the quick dry after a down pour mid walk) and the 5-point safety harness is Nascar worthy.

The world of parks and recreation reaches more than 300 million people in this country. Public park and recreation agencies across the country seek to ensure a healthy future for America, with the understanding that parks and recreation are powerful catalysts for change—in everything from the economy, health, and conservation.

I remember when I first moved out on my own, I had trouble balancing the needs/wants of what to keep in the pantry. It’s a fine balance. You have to make sure the things you want are able to last in case you don’t eat them right away and I always found myself running out of certain items.

One of my daughter’s favorite Princesses is Snow White. She loves her because she is kind, sweet and has a pretty voice. Snow White is always cheerful and kind, even though her cruel stepmother wishes the innocent maiden ill when the Magic Mirror reveals Snow White to be the fairest in the land. The wicked queen tries to do away with Snow White, but she narrowly escapes through the terrifying forest and finds comfort among the gentle wild creatures that live there. Even after she has found a new home with her new friends, the Seven Dwarfs, her wicked stepmother finds a way to send her into an enchanted sleep. Fortunately, a happy ending is just a kiss away.

Every single time the trailer comes on TV, my 5 year old begs to see this movie. I wasn’t going to be one of the first people to see it, I wanted to see what others thought first. Was this appropriate? Would my daughter walk away asking what certain words meant? Would it be a big mistake?