//ads.blogherads.com/bh/46/464/464503/2454456/campaigns/24/2465/2465897/x90.js This year has definitely been a year of change and growth for me.  From how I handle my duties at work, to how I overcome the challenges of a mother; I feel like this has been my best year yet.   The keyword in this all has been balance.  Trying to balance and juggle time for my family, time for work, and time for myself has been no easy task, but making it a priority has been so very important to me.   One of the biggest changes in finding time for myself has been focusing on eating right and keeping up with my exercise. Finding ways to tie these into my normal routine has been very helpful. For example, taking walks and as a family in the evening let us spend time together and also reach daily step goals.   Meals have been a little tougher. We all know it takes time to craft a healthy meal from home, and time is the one thing I am desperately short on. By the end of the day everyone is tired and it didn’t feel next to impossible to whip up the type of fuel my body needs.   This is where NEW SMARTMADE ™ by SmartOnes (R) fits into my life.  For filling my needs for a delicious meal inspired by smart cooking methods like grilling protein and roasting vegetables, I am able to cook the type of foods that I not only enjoy, but also require as part of a healthy eating plan.     Microwavable meals haven’t always traditionally been thought of as healthy; they seem to have gotten a bad rap over the years.  NEW SMARTMADE ™meals are the perfect solution for people who want smart and delicious meals but are short on the time needed to make them at home.  Found in the frozen meals aisle of your local grocery store, these delicious meals are put together just how I would if I had the time. Grilling and roasting just like I would, SMARTMADE™ meals are made for women just like me who understand health and nutrition and want authentic ingredients while trying to eat in a balanced way. Eating well involves trade-offs and when finding that balance, these frozen meals are exactly just that.   Just take a look at the ingredients: finally a label with ingredients that I can pronounce that would be found in my very own kitchen at home. Their recipes use intelligent swaps that don’t lack on taste and truly are a great alternative for when you don’t (or can’t) cook.   Like I said, life is all about balance and NEW SMARTMADE™ meals meals are helping me be able to walk that line.   Visit SMARTMADE™ meals on Facebook.

There’s nothing else that compares to the joy felt during the holiday season. With any holiday season, your days can become busier and your stress can likely increase as you try to get everything done on time. During this time of the year, it’s extremely important to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings to keep yourself and your family safe.

Our family takes a lot of walks. Family walks in the afternoon, walks in the morning as the sun has just risen, hikes through nature trails, and even strolls down the beach at sunset. We have been through a myriad of strollers, each one with its own pluses and minuses, yet none really hitting the mark until now. The phil&teds dash stroller resolved every issue we had in the past. Great on almost every type of surface, The stroller is leaps and bounds above the rest. One of the biggest pluses is that the tires don’t need to be inflated at all.

I grew up in a very traditional Christian household. I was the daughter of a preacher and anyone familiar with that life knows the amount of stress that can entail. For much of my life I struggled with the concept of a traditionalism in the church, and though much of it resonated with me. I always felt there was so much more to explore and I am brace in the world.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the turkey always steals the show. Today, we are sharing 6 of our favorite recipes from Martha Stewart, including our most favorite on the last page that involves roasting and less than 4 hours! It doesn’t get any better than that, right? Whatever recipe you decide, we hope you enjoy!