KitchenAid, the pioneer in bringing color to small appliances, is adding two new color options, Crystal Blue and Frosted Pearl, to its extensive palette of over 30 Stand Mixer colors and finishes. The brand also is introducing vibrant, new color choices across its high performance appliance collection, including blenders, food choppers, hand blenders and hand mixers in Crystal Blue, Green Apple, Majestic Yellow and Tangerine.

I always joke when the time comes for my child to need help with math homework, they just might be out of luck because I am not… in any way, great at math. I have no problem telling her that. I may just have to do my research now on home tutors that way we can be prepared.

Now casting the humorous and crazy side of pregnancy!

Doron Ofir Casting and a Major Cable Network officially announce the nationwide search for pregnant women with big personalities to share their stories while they are expecting. The epic casting company behind Millionaire Matchmaker, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Drag U and Jersey Shore are looking for expectant mothers to take us on a journey through the sometimes irrational, decidedly demanding, high maintenance wonderment of pregnancy.

Here on Modern Day Moms, we’ve talked about car seats and showcased quite a few that we think are great. Now, I’d like to talk about booster seats. Here in California (and in many other states) new laws went into place at the beginning of the year to require children to be in a booster seat (in the back seat) under the age of 8 and under 4’9″. I know this stirred the pot a little amongst parents who had originally thought they were done with the booster seat! But, really it’s all about safety. A booster seat is mainly about seat belt positioning, to ensure a child is fully protected by a seat belt, and won’t end up actually being injured by it in the event of a crash.

With social media and gaming pounding down the nursery door, you have a right to be a little bit concerned about the future of your child. Kids these days are growing up while being constantly bombarded by the drones of social media and gaming devices. Thanks to smartphones, they are able to stay connected 24/7 exerting all of their time and energy into a technological device and falling short at life’s more exciting ventures.