When I learned last month that I would be featuring the Mazda3 4-door on Modern Day Moms, I was super excited. When you think of this car, you wouldn’t think of it as your typical “family-friendly” vehicle but boy… it blew my expectations out of the water.

As Mother’s Day approaches, the massive hunt for the perfect gift for the mommy-to-be or new mother also begins. Le bébé Coo’s Diaper Bag is the must-have of the moment for new mommies to tote around bébé’s daily essentials and special pockets for her necessities too.

We are super big fans of Gibout Toys. If you don’t already know, their toys are amazing. You can even check out some of their award winning toys here.

Here on Modern Day Moms, we’ve talked about car seats and showcased quite a few that we think are great. Now, I’d like to talk about booster seats. Here in California (and in many other states) new laws went into place at the beginning of the year to require children to be in a booster seat (in the back seat) under the age of 8 and under 4’9″. I know this stirred the pot a little amongst parents who had originally thought they were done with the booster seat! But, really it’s all about safety. A booster seat is mainly about seat belt positioning, to ensure a child is fully protected by a seat belt, and won’t end up actually being injured by it in the event of a crash.

With social media and gaming pounding down the nursery door, you have a right to be a little bit concerned about the future of your child. Kids these days are growing up while being constantly bombarded by the drones of social media and gaming devices. Thanks to smartphones, they are able to stay connected 24/7 exerting all of their time and energy into a technological device and falling short at life’s more exciting ventures.

Three cheers for the following celebrity moms who are making a big difference! From donating to the relief efforts after natural disasters, to advocating for autism awareness, to building an all-girls school in Africa, take a look through our list of moms who are giving back and making our world a better place.

Earth-friendly certified organic cotton is soft and safe for sleeping!

Say “Good Night” to the chemicals in off-gassing, polyester with Apple Park’s 100% certified organic collection of pajamas. Protecting children and preserving the environment are two threads that are woven into every Apple Park product, and the new pajama collection is no exception.

Rich and decadent, this is a dream dessert for entertaining. The added savory crunch from the sea salt is out of this world. Sea salt caramels originated in Brittany, France, where bakers used the local salted butter to make the caramel, and then sprinkled locally harvested fleur de sel on top.