I am slightly fitness obsessed. I might not always follow through with my lofty plans to run 8 miles a day and beat my gym buddy’s chest press record, but the thought is always in the back of my mind. Since it can be so hard to stay on track, especially with a busy family, it’s nice to have some help. Especially when that help comes in the form of a super cool and futuristic armband (with the help of a FREE mobile app) that logs my activity and lets me know when I’m backsliding into the flames of fitness failure!

Did you know that today, February 27 marks National Strawberry Day, and while the sweet, juicy fruit is out of season at the moment, its flavor can still be enjoyed during the cold winter months! Emmi of Switzerland, one of Switzerland’s premium dairy companies providing specialty and artisan cheeses and premium fresh dairy products including yogurt, offers some ways to indulge.

Welcome to our Healthy Mom series. Often times us moms are so busy taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves. This series will mention some products that will not only keep you healthy but will also keep you feeling good.

Since 1862, one brand has embodied whimsical, high-quality, innovative toys.

Now celebrating its 150th AnniversaryFAO Schwarz is marking this rare milestone in the world of retail by unveiling a special gallery featuring prototype, original and early editions of some of the best-known toys in the world, alongside some nostalgic items from the FAO Schwarz archives. Displayed prominently throughout the famed flagship store in New York City, “A Gallery of Historic Toys,” will be on display now through April 10. From a 1905 Richard Steiff Teddy Bear to a 1976 Hello Kitty Plush Toy, FAO Schwarz is providing visitors with a look back in time at their legendary toy store, and the history of playthings!