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Must-Have: SnoozeShade

SnoozeShade, the universal stroller and car seat blackout blind, can help baby sleep during nap time, even with distractions during trips to the park, returning holiday gifts at the super busy mall or strolling down a noisy sidewalk. Do you like to go out for dinner? OF COURSE YOU DO! Does your baby like to sleep as soon as you get into the restaurant and gets really fussy because its bright and noisy? OF COURSE IT DOES! With SnoozeShade, you and your dinner party can carry on with mealtime while babies get in their much needed beauty sleep.

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BubbleBum, The Inflatable Booster Seat.

BubbleBum is the world’s first inflatable car booster seat!

Wait… what? INFLATABLE BOOSTER? When I first saw the BubbleBum, I was confused. How in the heck could a bag of air keep my kid safe in the car? Well, long story short, the BubbleBum meets or exceeds all federal safety guidelines for children between 4 and 11 years old who weigh 40 to 80lbs. BubbleBum is safe to use in any vehicle apart from airplanes – which as you may know, have different requirements.

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Celeb Watch: Holiday Plans of the Rich & Famous

Holidays at my house are hectic this year!

In addition to the usual Christmas madness and family visits, we’re also MOVING.  There’s nothing like trying to hang decorations on moving boxes! So when I get a moment away from the packing tape, bubble wrap and Sharpies, I like to unwind and catch up on some celeb news and gossip. That way, when I’m Oprah-rich someday, maybe someone will spend their spare time staring at pictures of me doing totally normal stuff! ;)


Tech Talk: The Portable North Pole

Christmas! It’s practically here!

Like countless families, every year we anxiously await Santa. We make advent calendar angels to count down the days, we wait for the sound of jingle bells, and we always remember to leave out milk and cookies! But there’s really nothing like getting a personalized video from Saint Nick himself! That’s why we love Portable North Pole (PNP).

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Un Amore: Appliances with Oomph!

Oooh Kitchenaid Mixers!

No kitchen is complete without one, right? With so many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one in the perfect shade. But what about when the perfect shade isn’t enough? What about when you want something perfect-er? (That’s a word now, its been published.)


Oranges Make Great Holiday Decorations!

We have a whole bunch of ideas for Christmas decorating here on the blog, and I’m back with another! This is a simple, yet elegant way to put a finishing touch on your holiday decorations. Hey, you can even use this idea to make a quick centerpiece for your dining room table! That always seems to be the one thing I forget when preparing my house for my Christmas dinner. The centerpiece. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and I love it!