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Let me introduce you to an app that you are going to LOVE. I know we feature a lot of our favorite apps on the site but this one will definitely come in handy….


Tech Talk: Smilebox

Welcome to Jess T.’s Tech Tuesday, where all your geek are belong to us!

I take a bajillion pictures a day. I am totally “that mom” who always has her face behind a camera (or my iPhone) determined to capture EVERY MOMENT. While my husband says my hobby borders on paparazzi-status, I say I’m preserving memories! Thanks to Smilebox, I found a way to not only snap photos, but turn them into super cool, shareable works of art!

Smilebox is a program for PC or Mac that turns your pictures into greeting cards, party invitations, collages, slideshows and more – all with minimal effort and in no time at all! You can print your creations (at home or in a store), post to your Facebook or website, email them to your relatives or make videos you can upload to YouTube. There’s never been an easier way to share all those childhood moments than with Smilebox.

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Daddyscrubs: Delivery Room Must Have

We spend a lot of time thinking about things that moms need, especially when they’re expecting.  Rarely do with think about the daddy-to-be, apart from how he’s going to help out the new mama and wrangle the existing wee ones. If you’re looking for an awesome way to let the doting dads of the world show their pride in the delivery room, look no further than Daddyscrubs!