Most of Holiday Budget Will Be Spent on Electronics

TechBargains, a leading deal aggregation website for electronics products, released its 2011 Holiday Survey, revealing that despite the weak economy consumers are still buying large amounts of consumer electronics this season. At least a quarter of all consumers’ holiday gift budgets will be spent on consumer electronics with 52% of shoppers expecting to spend between $250 to $500. More than 50% of men and women surveyed plan on spending half or more of their budget on electronics, completely unimpeded by the economic downturn.


Are you Simply Dressed?

We try to avoid certain things when we are eating.. I have found myself constantly checking labels and ingredients thanks to my health conscience hubby. I tend to choose sea salt over iodized salt and cane sugar over high fructose corn syrup. One thing that is hard to avoid is the corn syrup in condiments such as salad dressing and ketchup. However, you can imagine my surprise when I actually found Marzetti Simply Dressed Salad Dressing in the produce section, before I was even approached by them in the first place.


Bargain Hunting Just Got Easier!

I love bargain sites. Love. I subscribe to a laundry list of sites in order to get fresh deals delivered straight to my email inbox everyday. I also subscribe to several brands to get their newsletters so I can be ready for action if something I love or have-to-have goes on sale. This little infatuation really kicked in when I had my daughter, because….well, obviously because baby gear isn’t cheap! Nothing baby related is cheap. So I set out to make sure I was getting the best deals on everything all the time.


Bratt Decor Joy Collection – The Finest Furniture for Littles

I recently stumbled upon Bratt Decor and fell in love with their adorable furnishings. Bratt Decor creates the most beautiful furnishings for baby and infants ranging in styles that include, modern cribs for the nursery, luxury cribs, and traditional designs that have timeless details. There was a collection that completely caught my eye. A collection so timeless, it looked like it belonged in a beautiful magazine.


What Do You Do To Raise A Healthy Child?

We all have our own ideas about what it means to be “healthy” and how to raise healthy children. I like to focus on eating nutritious food and creating a positive attitude towards exercise with my child. I’ve always felt, if you can start them off early eating the right foods and staying physically active on a regular basis, then that will hopefully stay engrained in our children into adulthood. Of course, there’s no guarantee’s, but it’s worth a shot, right?