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Tech Talk: Tablet Tee-Off

Welcome to Jess T.’s Tech Tuesday, where all your geek are belong to us!

Tablets are HUGE this holiday season.With prices at never-before-seen lows, scoring a tablet is within the reach of more shoppers than ever before! Lucky for you, we’ve got a roundup of the best of the best, taking the guesswork out of your tablet hunt!


Top 10 Guide for Gifts that Give Back by LovingEco

Today’s Gift Guide is provided by LovingEco. LovingEco is a newly-launched website with private member sales featuring stylish sustainable fashion and natural beauty products. Our motto is ‘Style for Change’ and we give back to charity with each purchase. Every week we feature a tastemaker, or conscious leader to help women understand that they can get their fashion fix and live sustainably. Past tastemakers have included Maria Bello to support We Advance in Haiti, Melora Hardin to support IFAW, Shannon Elizabeth to support Farm Sanctuary and many other amazing women.

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LiveOn – Share Your Memories, Forever.

What’s in your vault?

Do you ever have a hard time remembering a specific event when you are sharing it with your friends & family? What if there was an event that happened in your life, that you really wish you remembered? With LiveOn, you can document things as they happen, record a story, share a photo, add family members (your tribe) all while knowing that in the future, your memories are secure and will “live on”.


Escape Campervans: The Only Way To Roadtrip!

After 800 miles of road tripping with my husband and 9 month old son, I can confidently say that I am somewhat of an expert on this type of vacation. So what advice can I offer all of you? It’s simple really: if you are planning a road trip in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami or New Zealand area you need to look into Escape Campervans. Let me rephrase that — you NEED to plan a road trip in one of these areas so that you can rent from this company and here is why:


New Children’s Book: Cooper & Me

Along with the excitement and anticipation of starting school for the first time (or a new grade), also comes, for many little ones, anxiety and fear. For kids (and parents!) who are experiencing these jitters, there’s an insightful new picture book, Cooper and Me, the first in a series of books that invite children to explore life with a lovable Labrador Retriever, Cooper.


5 Ways To Freshen Up Your House For The Holidays

Summer is over, school has started and we are trying to get back into the swing of things. With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought I would share a few simple tips that will turn your house from “eh” to “ooh”. These tips, applied in your own personal way, can really bring out the holiday cheer and allow you to enjoy the holidays and the freshness of your home.