Danimals: Rally for Recess

If you ask anyone, whether they are an adult or a child, what their favorite thing about school was/is they will tell you recess. It is a time where children will learn their social skills,  run around to burn some energy and play with their friends. It is how kids can be kids and it is something that I will always have the best memories of.

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GloMate Plus

My son is always asking to have some sort of light on when he is trying to go to sleep. His nightlight just won’t cut it for him anymore. So while looking for solutions I came across Mobi Technologies GloMate Plus. This seemed to be the perfect solution to the whole bedtime light problem.

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The Gruffalo: The Charming Oscar-Nominated Family Film

With appeal to children of all ages, “The Gruffalo” features wily characters and timeless themes brought stunningly to life through a mixture of animation techniques including stop motion and CGI. “The Gruffalo” is the story of a plucky mouse who takes a walk in the woods to find a nut. Surrounded by the brilliant sights and sounds of the forest, Mouse must use his wits to scare off a series of hungry predators who think he’d make a fine meal. In this classic tale, even the fiercest denizens of the woods are no match for the brave and clever little mouse.

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Milkin’ Cookies: Mmmm-azing

Let’s face it, almost every mom who breastfeeds at some point in time will worry about their supply. Am I  not producing enough? For me it wasn’t so much my actual production as it was pumping the extra ounces of milk I needed for my son. Pumping can be tough and sometimes it helps to have a little something that will help increase your supply. We know stress plays into affecting your supply but we automatically start to stress when we fear our child isn’t getting all that they need from us. Luckily there are a lot of solutions out there and one of the yummiest ways to help are lactation cookies. Cookies are a great comforting snack and I love that I can eat them without feeling guilty because I am increasing my supply while doing so. I had a chance to review some lactation cookies from Milkin’ Cookies and let me just start my saying.. “Mmmm!” OH MY GOODNESS were these amazingly delicious!