As a mom, you know the meaning of productive. In fact, if you looked up the word you’d probably see a picture of your smiling face next to the definition. While productivity is a necessity in your life, you can at least

Clever shortcuts make these individual potpies from Everyday Food reader Martha C. Neumann of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, surprisingly easy. Store-bought rotisserie chicken and pie dough cut the prep time; fennel bulb, fennel seed, and cubed ham update it. Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter

1. Fresh Lilac Lidded Soy Jar Candle from Target Link: // $7.99 2. Drenched Apple Flower by Bath & Body Works (4oz) Link: Bath & Body Works // $9.50 Crisp Fuji apples blend deliciously with rain-soaked greens and pink lotus blossom.