Boyfriend Jeans are the latest trend in the fashion world. Newly engaged Halle Berry was spotted wearing the Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jean in the Monroe wash, while heading to brunch with her family in Los Angeles, CA on January 29, 2012. On January 16th, Selma Blair wore the same style Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jean in the Mitchum wash, while running errands with her son, Arthur, in Los Angeles, CA.

Like most parents, we look forward to that special bedtime story with our little ones.  It’s a time when we can devote our full attention to the kids and the day to day distractions are put on the back-burner. What a relief! Celeb mommies agree that there’s nothing better than that bedtime reading and cuddle time. Today’s Celeb Watch discovers which books are in heavy rotation in homes of the rich and famous, thanks to!

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Today’s Topic is Eyebrow Waxing, Wait… this is worth it.

My eyebrows were starting to get out of control lately. Oh, who am I kidding? My eyebrows are always out of control. When it comes to being a mother, there are other things I’d rather be doing in my free time than plucking my eyebrows. OH yes, I said plucking. I never visited the thought of getting my brows waxed until recently, when I came across a product that I absolutely fell in love with. Let me tell you about it and tell you why you need to check it out.

This cake is so good, it’s heavenly. I guess the name is fitting. While Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I’ve been trying to come up with different ideas of things I want to make to get in the spirit of love. This cake… does it. You will love this cake.. possibly want to marry it. Just take my word for it.