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Tommee Tippee Truly Spill Proof Cups

The sippy cup. The bane of my existence as a mother. I know you guys feel me on this one. My carpet is sprinkled with little spots of milk, water, whatever – that manages to leak from random sippy cups all over the place. It drives me mad. My daughter, bless her tiny adorable heart, likes to fling her sippy around without a care in the world. I can’t stop her from doing it, I’ve tried. She wants to be a big kid and do it herself, and I really don’t feel like running around behind her offering a drink every five minutes. I want to just give her the cup, and let her drink when she wants AND I want a spot free carpet. Is that too much to ask?

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California Innovations: Kids H20 Lunch Pack

Believe it or not we had a hard time trying to find a lunchbox that was just right for our son. Who knew shopping for one would be so hard. I assumed we would head to the store and just grab one but most of the ones we saw were either too small to fit any food into them or too bulky. We just needed a lunchbox that would do what a lunchbox is supposed to do, hold lunches and keep them cool. California Innovations does just that. We love the the Kids H20 Lunch Pack.

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Revolution Foods

So my oldest son just started Kindergarten! This is an exciting time for us. Not only does he get to be a big kid and learn all kinds of new things like reading, but he gets to take a lunch with him! I am pretty sure he is more excited about bringing a lunch and playing with his friends than he is about reading, but that’s kind of expected with a five year old. Wait… I think that sounds fun to any age! Luckily his school has a wonderful lunch menu but we still need to provide him with snacks and we won’t be buying lunch every day either. It is so important to provide healthy snacks for your children. Not only is it giving them the nutrition they need but it also gives them the energy they need to help focus at school and play with their friends.


Fall Organizing Wallpaper For Your Desktop

I have a lot of things going on at any given time. My desktop, unfortunately, isn’t always organized properly. I do like to keep icons and folders within view so that I remember things. This means that I needed an easier way to keep my desktop organized and I have just the solution.

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You Search, We Respond

Let’s face it, you probably use “google” a few times a day (more if you’re like me). I love looking up things on the internet, especially before I buy. However, I just can’t keep quiet about some of the weirdness that comes in from our search results… I will share with you some of the down right STRANGE things people search for to find us. Also, I will let you know a few of the more popular search results that lead you here.

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Baby Dipper- Easy Feeding

Typically I am not a person that gets overly excited about baby bowls. Sure some of them are cool, but a bowl is just a bowl right? Well all that changed the minute I saw the Baby Dipper. This bowl actually had me intrigued. Could this bowl actually help me out during dinner time? Could this really help my son learn to self-feed with a utensil?