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Taking Steps To Healthier Eating

Ever since the birth of my second child I have been on a mission to lose a little weight. It seems like the more I learn about the process, the less I know. Figuring out which dietary advice to listen to workout program to follow can be absolutely overwhelming.

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Turning Your Free $5 Target Gift Cards Into Chore Money

One of the incentives to shopping at Target is the option to receive a free $5 gift card when you buy extra of the same product. For example, while shopping yesterday, I needed to stock up on my vitamins. I noticed it was buy two, receive a $5 gift card. This was great because I was going to buy two anyway. Another example that comes in handy is buying diapers. A lot of times they have sales where it is buy 2 boxes and receive $5, $10 or even sometimes $15 back in gift cards. The same goes for formula and many other items you would probably buy in bulk anyway.

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Mini Baked Donuts (Video Recipe)

These little mini donuts are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!! Beyond tempting and scrumptious, you’ll forget there BAKED! Light and fluffy vanilla donuts dipped in chocolate ganache glaze topped with sprinkles, toasted coconut or whatever your heart desires. Fun and easy to make. Great alternative to a “semi-healthy treat” kids will surely love. Guilty pleasure with out any guilt. The best part because there smaller, You can eat more!

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Postpartum Depression: Stop Telling Me I’m Strong

I know it sounds backwards… but few things help one feel less isolated than being told you are “strong” when you are suffering with PPD. I don’t feel strong. I don’t want to feel strong. I want to feel happy. I want to feel better. Telling me I am strong reminds me of how much weight I’ve had to lift emotionally throughout my life, and right now nothing about my past matters.