I went to check my e-mail last night and saw the subject: Modern Day Moms was nominated for an award. Say what! I quickly opened it up and found out that this blog here has been nominated by Parents.com as an All-Around Best Mom Blog! Holy jeepers. (deal with my weird slang, k?) I promptly logged onto beluga where the moms of this site and I chat, nightly… okay well, pretty much all throughout the day. We are bffls and that’s just what we do, ya know?

Shopping around for a car seat can be quite overwhelming. There are so many option, styles, and opinions as to which car seat is the “best” car seat out there. Having had a child before, I knew which type of things I did not want in a car seat. I wanted an infant car seat that would take us up to a year and then I wanted a convertible car seat that will be the car seat my child will be in until he is out of a booster seat. You spend so much money on them that I want not only my monies worth but one that I can trust to keep my children safe.

Welcome to Jess T.’s Tech Tuesday, where all your geek are belong to us!

If you’re like me, you spend a LOT of time on the computer. Between work, information gathering, socializing and shopping, computers are an integral part of our daily lives. Apart from the rare and extreme situations, adults don’t seem to suffer severe side effects from this kind of  “digitalization.” But what about kids?

As you may have realized, I am a total spaz about eco-friendly stuff. I have been known to scream, “Keep your toxic BPA away from me!” to friends and family – luckily not to strangers yet. While I am aware that this may seem irrational to some of you, I’m sure there are others who have become total chemical-phobics just like me. That’s why I love companies like Green Toys.

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There was something about this stroller that drew me in. I wasn’t sure if it was the attractiveness, the numerous amounts of accessories you can attach or the fact that Baby Jogger is such an outstanding and reputable name in the industry. It wasn’t until the moment I opened the box that I knew it wasn’t just one of those reasons but ALL of them… and more! This stroller seriously rocks my world. Everything from putting the stroller together to folding it for storing has been so easy.

“OH..MY..GOSH” were the first words out of my mouth, followed by “I NEED ONE!” That was my reaction to the Yellow Submarine diaper bag collection by Diaper Dude. My husband and I are HUGE Beatles fans. Even my five year old loves their music. I mean how could he not with songs about octopuses, using funny words like “obladi oblada” and even hearing “Here Comes the Sun” on one of his favorite movies, A Bee Movie.

If you drive, or plan on getting in a car with your baby, a car seat will probably be one of your most important purchases. There’s a lot to think about when picking out a car seat. Lots of research, trial and error, and of course you need to consider your budget. There’s a lot that goes in to picking the car seat that you feel is best for you, your car, and most importantly, your child’s safety! I’m going to tell you about a car seat I love, and think you will love too.