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Lately, my family has been putting some serious miles on our Wii. Honestly, there was a time when we would actually forget we had one unless we were watching Netflix movies. We don’t have a huuuuge library of games and we were feeling burned out on the usual lineup.

Tommee Tippee is a trusted brand in my house. I absolutely love everything they make. They have a wide range of products for bottle fed babies, all the way up to toddlers refining their self feeding skills. What I love about Tommee Tippee is their focus on making things that are safe and free of BPA & Phthalates. Most of their food storage containers are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe too! We’ve got lots of Tommee Tippee around our house, and now they have added something new to their line. Breast Pumps!

You can’t walk through my house without stepping on some sort of baby toy these days. We have blocks, stuffed animals, books, teething toys, rattles… the full arsenal of toys that are supposed to keep my 6 month old son entertained. I say “supposed to” because we all know the truth. He is no more interested in these baby toys than I am interested in heading out the door for a morning run.

It’s about mid summer, and the Redbox sweepstakes is still in full effect. To keep the summer fun rolling, they have been asking questions about how you enjoy family movie and game nights. They wanna know how we spend time watching movies with our families, and they want to hear from you! Not to mention, the 10,000 sweepstakes that TWO lucky people will win! You can learn more about that towards the end of this post, but first…..take a minute to answer our question!

Friendship Day is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday of August. This year, it will be celebrated on 7th August. Do you have a friend or a relative who you'd love to send a card to and let them know you care? We have provided you with a code to get your greeting cards for only 99 cents!