You know that one friend you have who insists on singing at the top of her lungs to EVERY song that comes on the radio and not only does she sound like junk but makes up all her own lyrics?

I feel the need to tell you that this is not a sponsored post, I was not paid for this post and gmail will probably never even know I’ve written about them and their awesomeness… this post is brought to you by me, a busy mom and lover of all things nerdy. I have had e-mail accounts at yahoo, hotmail, mail, you name it… and there is nobody who comes close to gmail.

A few special touches turn these burgers into a memorable meal. To save time, form the patties up to a day ahead and refrigerate, covered tightly with plastic wrap, until needed; then heat the grill, cook the burgers, and serve.

Whether you’re planning for pint-size palates or simply desire to serve appetizer-sized portions of the American classic, these mini burgers are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

For parents who live in the South (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee) and have a Publix nearby, you don’t want to miss this. I’m not sure of their policy, but you might be able to still subscribe to these magazines even if you don’t live in these areas. Not sure but it doesn’t hurt to find out.

If you haven’t heard about Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps yet, let me be the first to tell you – best stuff ever. Especially if you cloth diaper your little ones. BUT, Dr. Bronner’s is not only for cloth diapering, it’s for anything and everything. Your laundry, your kitchen, floors, face, bod. Everywhere that needs to be washed. And, it really is magic (I didn’t make that part up). Let me tell you what led me to Dr. Bronner’s in the first place, then you’ll understand why I think it’s the greatest stuff around.

Today’s selection is Ugly Fish by Kara LaReau and illustrated by Scott Magoon. Released in 2006, this book is a “classic” in our house and has been on heavy rotation in the evening Story Time Lineup.  Its funny, a little disturbing and has a great moral – exactly what we look for in a book!