Camping: Fire Safety and Fun

Now that you have your gear and your supplies, you are all set to camp. But you can’t camp without a camp fire! I can’t talk about camping without giving you the low down on fire safety rules and regulations. No one wants to be the guy that burnt the forest down, destroying it for future generations. With a few safety tips, you can enjoy your s’mores and no one will get hurt!

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Breast Pumps and Accessories Could Be Tax Deductible!

Good news for many of you breastfeeding mamas out there! The IRS has announced that breast pumps and accessories can in some cases be considered a tax write off. The IRS states, “Breast pumps and supplies that assist lactation are medical care under § 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code because, like obstetric care, they are for the purpose of affecting a structure or function of the body of the lactating woman.”

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Kokopax Classic Baby Carrier

I love baby wearing, and all the benefits and convenience it has to offer! There’s so many different styles of carriers out there, and I really think every mom should at least have two different kinds. One of them should be a structured carrier. While structured carriers can’t be used with newborns, they are great for when baby starts getting older and more curious.

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Summer Treats: Smoothie Pops

With summer time almost upon us, I thought it would be fun to share a treat that will cool the whole family down when the temps reach scorching highs. This isn’t really a new idea, but it never hurts to have a refresher on the old standbys! So here’s one of my absolute favorite treats: a smoothie pop. These are delicious and you can make them as nutritious as you want. Totally customizable to suit your families favorite flavors. And, they make a great way to sneak some extra fruit into your little one’s tummies! Lets get to it.

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Splat Mat – Your Floor’s Best Friend

There is nothing worse than having your child spill a cup full of grape juice, having them knock over a bowl of yogurt, or drop sauce from spaghetti on your freshly cleaned and vacuumed carpet. Dinner time with my 4 year old and 9 month old is insane. It looks like someone dropped a bomb of food off under their chairs. I really don’t understand how that much food can get on the floor. Especially with my 9 month old. He is still learning how to pick food up and eat it and half the food ends up on the floor rather than his mouth. Thank goodness for Sugarbooger by O.R.E’s Splat Mat. This has really saved my sanity.