Baby Reviews

Go Crib

You will love this portable crib. Here's why: The Go Crib (which I of course discovered AFTER purchasing my nightmare Pack 'N Play) is the newest and greatest thing to ever hit the portable crib market. Weighing in at 7lbs the Go Crib has no large metal or plastic components and is incredibly compact.


Do Your Kids Like Bugs?

These awesome things are wee little ROBOT butterflies inside a canning jar! You tap the lid and they magically flutter around like a real butterfly! I handed this thing to my girls about an hour ago and they WILL NOT stop staring at it.


Instant Streaming For The Win

We are big fans of Netflix in our house. Not just any netflix service though, instant streaming is where it’s at. It’s cheaper than the standard netflix movie delivery in your mailbox. This service can be made possible by logging into netflix on a computer, on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, wii console & many more options. You are able to watch movies instantly and as many movies as you’d like in a day! It’s a fabulous service. It works great especially when you are out of town. I just log in to the netflix app on the iPad and my daughter has a large selection of cartoons to choose from.

Dessert Everyday Food & Drink

Lemon-Mascarpone Crepe Cake

The crepes can be refrigerated, wrapped in plastic wrap, up to two days; or frozen, wrapped in paper towels (to absorb moisture when thawing) and plastic wrap and placed in a freezer bag, up to one month. Thaw completely at room temperature before assembling the cake. The curd can be refrigerated, covered with plastic resting on its surface, up to one week. Although the cake is best when assembled on the day it’s being served, it can be refrigerated, assembled and uncovered, up to one day.

Education Technology

Ctrl A is for Select All…

I just came up with an awesome idea. Forget the A is for Apple, B is for Bear, I like CTRL S is for Save and CTRL C is for Copy. I discovered these next tips on my own and eventually won some brownie points with a previous boss by showing her the “easy” way to do things on the keyboard…


The Mind Changing Body Butter

I used to purchase a Shea body butter from a big name company that was almost $20 a tub. After discovering this for less than $6, I will never go back. The best part about it is the thickness... It's not so thick to where you can't apply it, or thin to where it feels barely there. It lasts all day.

Education Kids Reviews

Forget The Fairytales

Little girls love to play dress up and dream about being princesses. There are fairytales that tell the stories of Prince Charming saving Cinderella from her Evil Stepmother, or kissing frogs into a handsome prince, or a beautiful young mermaid willing to change her entire physical appearance and risk never seeing her family again all for love.