Tis the season for sniffly noses, congestion and that awful sounding Croup. I’ll never forget the first time I heard that barking sound. Not a pleasant sound to anyones ears and definitely not a pleasant feeling to your child. Luckily we have humidifiers to help get some relief. Our Pediatrician actually recommended Crane Humidifiers.

You want your ice cream to be just soft enough to work with — too soft and the cake will be icy. Take each pint out to soften while the cake layers are freezing.

Make your own Philly-style cheese steak sandwich at home. Thinly sliced rib-eye and onion are cooked, then topped with provolone to melt before being placed in a hoagie roll.

These little cakes resemble molten chocolate cakes, but are actually cheesecakes. The dessert may seem rich, but it’s made with nonfat cottage cheese instead of cream cheese. Bake them in a muffin tin and let them set in the fridge before turning out onto plates.

So I am sure most of you can relate, between kids, work, cleaning, and cooking, I literally have no time to haul my butt to the gym. Every morning I wake up saying, okay this evening I swear I am going to go workout. By the time I get home,  finish with dinner, and get the kids ready for bed, I am exhausted and ready to lay my head on the pillow leaving me to say, “Ok, tomorrow. I will workout tomorrow.” Sound familiar?

As new parents we have so much to worry about, especially during your child’s sleep. Our parenting instincts kick in and whether you were a heavy sleeper before, you now wake up at the tiniest little crack. A child’s crib should be a safe place for them to sleep and a time where you can catch up on some much needed rest as well, but there is always the thought of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). What most people don’t realize is that crib liner, that adorable crib liner that you had to have to match your crib bedding could actually be a potential harm to your child. Have you ever tried putting your lips over it and breathing through your mouth? It is impossible, which can cause a concern for suffocation. Another potential problem could be that their little arms and legs can get stuck between the crib slats. If this has happened to you, you know what I am talking about.