Crazy right? With Upromise, that’s exactly how it works. Upromise is a great savings program with your future (or your child’s future) in mind. They partner with online retailers, restaurants and more, to help you put money in the bank. It’s really easy too! All you have to do, is log into your free Upromise account, pick the store you would like to shop at, buy through the link, and the savings are automatically put into your Upromise account. Every store has a slightly different savings rate. For example, right now, is offering 2% of your purchase. That means, 2% of how ever much you spend online at Target will get saved! And you don’t have to do anything at all, but shop like you usually would. 2% doesn’t sound like much, and I am certain this won’t build your child’s entire college fund. But, here’s what I figure. We shop at Target very frequently in my family. I generally buy the majority of my home decor, some clothing, baby gear, movies, etc. I estimate we spend about 50 bucks a week just at Target. Going on that average, we will be putting 52 bucks a year into a savings fund. Not much right? My daughter is only 1. If we keep doing that, she will have 881 bucks to put towards college, just from shopping at Target. Gonna pay for her entire tuition? No way. Is 881 bucks going to help a lot? You bet!

I was introduced to this amazing bike carrier a few months ago while visiting with my husbands parents.  They were camping at a beach nearby so we decided to visit for the day.  While we were there we saw a dad riding his bike with his toddler.  Unlike most bike carriers we’ve seen, this one was different and we were sold on it immediately!  Most bike carriers are mounted onto your bike from behind, only allowing your child to look at either your back, or the views from the side.  Well, guess what?  The WeeRide mounts to the FRONT of your bike, allowing your child to be able to fully see what is going on in front of them.  Not only do I love the fact that my child is able to look at more than my back, I love the fact that I can keep an eye on what he is doing while still paying attention to where I am riding.  Having them in front of you also makes communicating with them 100% better.  Which is worth it to me.

Although we normally do guest posts on the weekends… we can’t keep all this awesome information from you for 5 days. It is written by Christine. Learn more about her at the end of this jaw dropping post. Note: If you are completely unfamiliar with couponing, like I am, this post might give you a bit of a headache. However, familiarize yourself with the details and I will explain how she helped me save 90% on my grocery bill! Details and all.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a website called Once A Month Mom. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find this site. I have a really hard time with dinner, to be honest. If you don’t, then this post may not be for you. I generally get home from work about 5:30, and need to have dinner on the table by 6:00 because that’s when the little native starts to get restless. She’s a year old, and like clockwork she needs to be fed dinner at 6 or else melt downs ensue. Snacks don’t cut it. There is no “tiding her over”. If I don’t have everything I need for dinner on hand, then I have to stop at the store and that puts me home about 6:00. You do the math……it hasn’t been working. I have tried meal planning, and it just ends up in disaster. It’s not that I don’t know how to cook or plan. I used to be really good at both, actually. But now it’s become such a huge source for anxiety that I would rather not do either. And I’ve been feeling like a failure for it! Not good.