It’s hard not to fall in love with these amazingly adorable and modern foam tiles from Skip Hop. I have been admiring these for quite some time now. They are the perfect addition to any home. From the design to the color schemes, they will fit into any home. I also love how you can customize the size. Have a larger space you would like covered? They sell additional foam tiles to add on. Have a smaller space to cover? You can take out some foam tiles and choose which size will be appropriate for your house.

At our house, we are healthy eaters. We always fill our shopping cart ¾ of the way with produce, we only eat natural ingredients and we eat as much organic food as we can. Luckily, we live in Santa Cruz, a virtual Mecca for farm-fresh, wholesome, organic foods. My kids will literally pass up a fast food kids’ meal for a fresh fruit plate and they routinely turn down cookies in exchange for tomatoes…

After delivering my son I was so anxious to get out of the hospital and back to my own comfy bed that hubby and I pushed for a 24 hour hospital discharge. While it was great to be in our own cozy environment surrounded by friends and family to care for us I would recommend to any first time mom staying the full 3 days and utilizing the nursing staff and lactation consultants as much as possible. Taking advantage of these expert resources is the perfect start to your breastfeeding journey.

Hello, and welcome to Jess T.’s Book Club! Today, I simply MUST share a brand new book by Adam Mansbach, author of books like Angry Black White Boy and A Fictional History of the United States (With Huge Chunks Missing). This book is a “children’s book.” I use quotations because once I tell you the title, you will realize that though it will make your day, you can never EVER read it to your kids (unless you’re willing to make all other parents frown at you). So, without further ado, I give you…

Quite honestly this whole cloth diapering adventure has me very nervous. When Austin was about 2 months old I decided I wanted to cloth diaper. There are so many benefits to cloth diapering. One of course being economically better. Did you know that a disposable diaper takes about an estimated 250-500 years to decompose? GROSS! Another benefit is that it is CHEAPER. The average household spends over $3,000 on disposables on just ONE child. With Cloth Diapers you can save an estimated $2,000. Head on over to Banana Peels Diapers for a break down. Of course if you have another child, you can reuse your previous cloth diapers for even MORE savings! Plus, a child wearing cloth diapers is typically easier to potty train! WooHoo! So why did I wait so long to make the switch?

I’m pretty sure the first time I came across Beatrix New York I squealed! How could I not? Look how ADORABLE the designs are! I don’t think I have ever been so excited to be browsing through someone’s website. I just kept thinking, “Oh man.. my 5 year old would love this” to pretty much every thing on the website. It wasn’t until I clicked on the Eco Packs that I knew this would be something that he truly had to have.

Hi, my name is Jess and I’m a hermit. Ok, I’m not REALLY a hermit, but I hate going to the store. HATE IT. So now, thanks to the internet, I order nearly everything I can. If Whole Foods offered internet shopping and delivery like Safeway, I’d buy all my groceries online too! When I say “everything,” I mean it. I get everything from textbooks to hand soap, office supplies to accent furniture – and snacks too. You can even set up a ”subscription” to automatically receive an item at regular intervals at a discounted price!

Like many people, I have spent the last 10 years eyeballing the Toyota Prius. At first, I laughed at them – there was no way this would catch on! Then, I marveled at them – how neat and quirky they were! More recently, I’ve boiled with envy as they flew past the gas pump while I plunked down all but my firstborn child in exchange for the diesel my car gobbled up like peanuts at a dive bar.

That is the question. I have no problem washing clothes. As a matter of fact, I would be happy to wash clothes all day long. That’s not the issue. The issue is folding & putting away. This is my least favorite chore and one I would be happy not doing, ever.