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Why Every Mom Should Own Biokleen Bac-Out

If you cloth diaper, you may have heard of this product. If not, then let me introduce you to your new favorite cleaning product! If you have kids, pets, carpets, tend to spill like me, own a car, or basically live and breath then you should have some Bac-Out. So what is it? It’s an environmentally friendly, non toxic enzyme cleaner. This stuff gets any organic stain out of anything. Seriously. I bought it to use on my cloth diapers to get rid of stains, and also to help keep odors down. After seeing how awesome this stuff worked on the diapers, I got curious. My kiddo loves blueberries. She would eat them all day long if I let her. As you know, blueberries create the mother of all stains! I rank it with red wine, and beets. I had tried all the typical stain fighting remedies before, with little success. There was always a faint stain left behind no matter what. Until I tried Bac-Out! The proof is in the pictures:

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Changing Education Paradigms

I recently came across this video (thanks to hubby!) and thought it brought up interesting questions regarding our current education system. As someone with a background in Early Childhood Education I am haunted by the discrepancy I see between how research shows children learn and how our education system chooses to educate. At no fault to the many dedicated educators out there, we must admit that there is something funky going on in the classrooms across this nation.

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Deal-Seeking Extraordinaire

I’m a deal-seeking junkie. Seriously. My husband is always asking why I am constantly on “those deal sites” again. I am forever on the hunt for the best deal and the biggest bang for my buck. I stumbled upon Cheap Mama Chick during my pregnancy with my youngest son. I can not tell you how many times a day I visit her Facebook page. She is constantly on the hunt to help fellow mom’s find the best deals out there. Got a question? She is quick with her responses. If you are looking for great deals on your kids items, stop on by to Cheap Mama Chick. She is your online source for deals on DVD’s, food, clothes, accessories and more!

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Buddha Balm

My Preschooler loves make-up, unfortunately. She will stare at me while I apply my chapstick & blush and say “Can I have some too?”. I’m always pretty hesitant about it because half the time, the chapstick will end up more in her mouth than on her lips. It was always something I took into consideration and most of the time, it was a deal breaker. I don’t want chapstick that has words I can’t pronounce as the ingredients… to end up in her mouth.