As new parents we have so much to worry about, especially during your child’s sleep. Our parenting instincts kick in and whether you were a heavy sleeper before, you now wake up at the tiniest little crack. A child’s crib should be

What is Tegu? They aren’t just your average blocks, that’s for sure! They are eco-friendly, magnetic, Honduran wooden blocks. These are seriously the coolest blocks I have ever seen! Plus they are SAFE! • no lead • no plastic • non-toxic •

Please let us introduce you to a certified organic skincare line that is great for babies and mothers… miniOrganics: Certified Organic, Natural Skincare You may ask yourself… what sets miniOrganics apart from the other skincare lines out there… I’m here to tell

It’s not always easy to get pregnant. Often times, it can be very frustrating and stressful. When you are trying to get pregnant, there are many thoughts that cross through your mind when it doesn’t happen. Am I infertile? Am I able

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star is the creators of the lullaby versions of many hit pop, rock, metal and country music albums. They re-mix music for music people – just a different more relaxed version. It’s fit for parents, kids and babies

The hottest baby carrier in Asia and Europe is finally making its U.S. debut! Manufactured in South Korea, the Pognae Baby Carrier has become one of the most popular soft structured baby carriers outside of the U.S. Introduce yourself and see why

If you ask anyone, whether they are an adult or a child, what their favorite thing about school was/is they will tell you recess. It is a time where children will learn their social skills,  run around to burn some energy and

Welcome to Wine Wednesday! Here you will find new wines at an affordable price. See all of our Wine Wednesday features here. You can also view our Cocktail Corner posts here. Our Slammer is a no-holds-barred, muscular Syrah that keeps fruity ripeness

Allow us to introduce you to the KoalaKin®. A definite new mom must-have! Lactation Consultants & Modern Day Moms recommended. The KoalaKin® has 3 adjustable straps, to accommodate for different mom and baby sizes. Unlike a sling, the KoalaKin®’s patented shoulder clasps

Welcome to Jess T.’s Tech Tuesday, where all your geek are belong to us! This week’s Tech Tuesday has been collaboratively written by all the geeks at Modern Day Moms! Apple is launching the iPhone 4S. After being leaked early by the Japanese Apple