My oldest had a tough time at school last year. The last few weeks where all the kids were picking on each other, and the teacher had already mentally checked out made it for a frustrating time for all of us.  As her birthday fell on the last week of school, I remember her expressing some anxiety over if she would be allowed to bring a special treat for the class.  

Looking for something constructive for your child to do this summer? Learning how to play a musical instrument such as a guitar could be an awesome idea. As children are fast learners, starting them on an instrument as intricate as the guitar early on will help them to develop skills that go well beyond the music room. Not only will they learn how to master the instrument at a faster pace than an adult might, but it can help change the makeup of their entire academic experience.

I know what you are thinking, don’t even say another word. Your kid LOVES pasta. I get it. The same old thing every night, not thinking outside the box, I understand. I really really do. However, imagine a place where you can take your kids or your friends and try delicious dishes that are globally-inspired. Not only that, think cage free eggs, fresh ingredients, no artificial flavors. Yes, it’s true. It exists. It’s called Noodles & Company. Made Different is their motto and here’s why:

There is something to be said for the brave women and men who do it themselves when angels fear to tread. They are heroes of the hardware store. They boldly go places inside the home that even carpenters dread to enter, armed only with a screwdriver and a YouTube video. If these brave souls do not inspire you, check your pulse.