When you first decide to get in shape, your instinct is going to be to work out as hard as you can every single day. Resist this urge! If you work yourself to the limit every day, you aren’t likely to get anywhere. Why? Because every workout is, essentially, tearing down the muscles in your body. By giving them time to heal, you’re helping them to heal to be stronger than they were before the workout. This is why, over time, people get in better and better shape–they’re helping their muscles rebuild continuously stronger and stronger.

At 10 months old, Baby Piper wasn’t meeting her developmental milestones. Not yet even crawling, her parents took her to their local optometrist. There they discovered that she was very farsighted. A week later she got glasses and quickly gained the ability to see. In this must watch video, prepare to have your heart absolutely melted and know that with this big change, Piper has been reaching all her developmental milestones ever since.