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Pork Chili Verde

We typically buy large center cut pork loins when they are on sale. This saves us a lot of money and produces a lot of pulled pork for us to use. Sometimes we cook the pork and use it all up, or other times we freeze the leftovers to use it later. I am always coming up with different ways to use the pork so we don’t get tired of it, and this is quite possibly my favorite way.

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Ready, Snack, Go! with Smithfield

When my daughter comes home from school the first thing she does is drop her backpack on the floor and head straight to the refrigerator. It’s almost as if she had not eaten in weeks the way she opens the refrigerator door and scans the area for a snack to satisfy her appetite.

Everyday Food & Drink Recipes

Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese (Video Recipe)

New twist on an appetizer favorite!! If you love jalapeño poppers and grilled cheese, you will definitely love this sandwich. The crispy panko, roasted jalapeño’s  sharp cheddar cheese will leave the distinctive taste of jalapeño poppers with an extra grilled cheese bonus. When you think of jalapeño poppers, you probably think about the appetizers you eat before the great meal. It is just a snack before the main course but you won’t think about them that way ever again after having this sandwich.

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Warm & Delicious Hot Cross Buns (With Video)

This traditional recipe originated from the 1600’s, with very simple ingredients it’s not as difficult as many people believe. The most difficult part is the preparation time required for this fabulous holiday treat. Although the name for Hot Cross Buns was commonly known as Good Friday Buns for nearly a hundred years, during the 1730’s the buns were starting to be sold on the streets, and therein the name as well as the popular rhyme emerged, as the sellers would shout out” One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot-cross buns “… a penny for a larger bun or for two smaller ones. Hot Cross buns are hands down one of my all time favorite baked goods. I make them at least six times a year, if not more. Happy Easter!

Dessert Everyday Food & Drink Recipes

Mini Fruit Pizzas That Are Totally Kid-Friendly

I love having my kids involved in the kitchen and with food as much as possible! It is a fun way to spend time as a family and allow our kids to learn in various ways (even if they are only 1 and 2). We decided to make Fruit Pizzas, which allowed us to talk about different fruits, colors, and shapes! The kids were able to decorate their own fruit pizzas and loved every minute of it. The combination of a soft and buttery cookie with a creamy frosting and juicy fruit is all sorts of amazing.