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DIY Pink Drink Fail

All about that pink drink life. If you haven’t had it yet, order a strawberry acai refresher and substitute the water for coconut milk. I made my own “pink drink” the other day but it wasn’t the same. I was hoping I could come back with a post and tell you how to make it yourselves… but don’t, because that crap was gross. The refresher flavor wasn’t strawberry acai and the coconut milk was gritty.

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DIY Dog Food Can

I have been trying to create a station in my house that holds all dog related items and can keep it all hidden. I do not have a garage to use so I have their food and everything in the house. I’m going to be working on finding either a buffet or armoire to convert into the dog station. In the meantime, I have at least created something to store the food in that isn’t hideous and obvious like a big 20 lb. bag of dog food is.

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Florida Parents are in an Uproar Over Proficient 3rd Graders Who Are Being Retained for Not Taking Standardized Tests

A storm is brewing in Florida. In many districts, there are parents who are upset over their child(ren) being retained for choosing to not take the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) or an alternative assessment. The parents chose to “opt out” of these tests due to the high stakes involved as well as the stress that ensues from the pressure they are put under for these tests. In a lot of cases, the children are proficient and some are even honor roll or gifted students.


Places To Visit: Kid-Friendly Sawgrass Marriott Resort & Spa

As a busy mom, it is very hard for me to find the elusive “free time” that I hear so many people talk about. Whenever I notice that my daughter has an extended period of time off from school, I start to think of a place we could go for a getaway. With a life that is busy enough as it is, on my vacation time I try and find places where I can relax with my feet up instead of more work.


4 Ways To Determine If Pet Insurance Is Worth The Expense

For many people, pets are the next best thing to children. Pets can be easier to deal with and don’t talk back, yet they bring joy to the home every day. But, like children, pets can get sick or injured — and when they do, veterinary care can get expensive. Many pet owners turn to a pet insurance policy to guard against unexpected veterinarian bills. But is a pet health insurance policy ultimately worth the expense? Here are some tips to help you decide whether to purchase pet insurance.