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DIY Fabric Covered Light Plate And Letter

We are in the middle of getting stuff together for the walls of our new nursery. We decided to make a comic book theme and I was finding it hard to find stuff that wasn’t really collectors items and such. I decided to make our own. It was really quite simple. Here is how I covered my light switch plate and giant letter with fabric.

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DIY First Birthday Banner and Matching Outfit

Birthdays, like boomerangs, come and go, and with children it seems like they come out of nowhere when you least expect them. My daughter will be turning one in April and I do not know where the time has gone, I do not remember throwing that boomerang! Inevitably, time marches on, and in two short months will be the apex of my one-year journey, so far, the crème de la crème…her first birthday party.

Travel Vacation Ideas

Places To Visit: Harbour Village Beach Club, The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret

Thriving naturally as the “B” of the ABC islands, with select direct flights and just two stoplights on island, Bonaire remains refreshingly less developed than its neighbors, Aruba and Curacao. Located on the island’s four-acre, private peninsula within an exclusive beachfront enclave — 86 miles east of Aruba (50 miles north of Venezuela and 30 miles east of Curacao), outside the hurricane zone — lies the Caribbean’s “best kept secret” and Bonaire’s only five star resort, Harbour Village Beach Club, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

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Up-cycling Your Valentine’s Day Vase

Odds are this Valentines Day you received flowers from someone special in your life, this holiday alone see flowers rake in about $1.9 billion! With those flowers typically comes a vase, so what do you do with that vase when you are done, put it in a cabinet to collect dust until you receive more flowers, or do you up-cycle them to use them as a centerpiece in a different room of the house? I like to do the latter and add some fake flowers to them for a classier everyday look. Over the years, I have collected my fair-share of vases and had come up with this quick 5-10 minute craft to up-cycle them. First you will need a few supplies: