Woke up this morning feel great, feeling good. The baby slept 15 minutes shy of a whole 6 hours and I felt refreshed. I brought her into bed with us and got up to quickly have a shower (I haven’t had a morning shower in MONTHS) before my husband took our oldest to school. I got dressed, I put on makeup, this day is AWESOME. I have my sh*t together. Look at me! I can do this! This rocks!!!!!

It seems as if the modern world is designed to drive families apart. We are constantly plugged in to the world but unplugged from each other. Our children are more concerned with how many “likes” they get than how much “love” they give. Raising a child that is family-focused and respectful is not impossible it just takes time and attention. Put down your phone, unplug your laptop and try one or all of these ideas.

How about some comfort food? Bloom & Blossom™ Ultra Gentle™ Infant Formula is a specially designed, easy-to-digest formula for babies experiencing fussiness, gas or crying. Ideal for sensitive tummies, Bloom & Blossom was developed with 95 percent less lactose than traditional milk-based formulas and 100 percent partially hydrolyzed whey to make digestion easier.This means fewer fussy feedings and more potential bonding time with baby.