My husband’s grandfather has been known to bring out the projector and slides at any family gathering. His office, piled high with papers and photographs, leaves little to the imagination. He cherishes his memories and aside from his wonderful storytelling capabilities, he also likes to share his collection of photographs with his family.

That activity cube in the middle of the room is pretty much the best invention ever. It’s called a zany zoo. We spotted it earlier this week and I had to get it. So far, it’s kept her attention longer than any toy she’s had so far. Found at Target and

Ever since the birth of my second child I have been on a mission to lose a little weight. It seems like the more I learn about the process, the less I know. Figuring out which dietary advice to listen to workout program to follow can be absolutely overwhelming.

One of the incentives to shopping at Target is the option to receive a free $5 gift card when you buy extra of the same product. For example, while shopping yesterday, I needed to stock up on my vitamins. I noticed it was buy two, receive a $5 gift card. This was great because I was going to buy two anyway. Another example that comes in handy is buying diapers. A lot of times they have sales where it is buy 2 boxes and receive $5, $10 or even sometimes $15 back in gift cards. The same goes for formula and many other items you would probably buy in bulk anyway.

Mother’s Day is such a special time of the year. I’m so thankful and appreciative of the recognition of all the hard work it takes to be a mother. Every year my oldest daughter wants to come up with the perfect gift. All week she tries to subtly ask if there was anything I wanted.