How To Use The Emoji Keyboard On A Mac

My life has been forever changed. I just discovered how to use the emoji keyboard on a mac. I am a total emoji over-user. I say what I want to say half the time by using little hearts, smiley faces or food emojis. Now, I can do it when I’m not mobile. 😀🙌🌺❤️


Looking Back on Childhood Memories

Now that I am a mother of two adorable little girls, I often think about the memories I have from my childhood. I had an older sister and grew up in sunny California. Life was good and I always try to remember the traditions and things that I was excited about as a child.


Vegan Broccoli & Potato Curry Soup

Everyone is talking about plant-based diets right now. It’s not secret that they are not just a healthy way to eat but they are also better for the planet and the recipes taste amazing too! We were asked to take the #MeatlessMondayNight challenge in hopes of sparking real change. Don’t be intimidated, adopting a more plant-based diet can start with making a change just one day a week – so why not start by sidelining meat during Monday Night Football games this season?


Tips On Giving Your Child Their First Cellphone

You give your child their first cellphone and immediately they are going to want to call and text all their friends. It’s inevitable. Their first small taste of freedom and they want to share the good news with all their friends. Thankfully, there is an app that can help you manage their excessive excitement for their phone so you don’t end up with an extremely large phone bill. The AT&T Smart Limits App is an app to help manage your family’s phone to limit use during certain times of the day, check on phone activity, set text limits, etc.


Giveaway: New Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8GB + Popcards!

Popcards is a first- ever photo greeting card that literally pops with an augmented reality video experience.

It’s almost that time of the year again! But this year, send family and friends a totally unique holiday card. Popcards is not your grandmother’s greeting card; it combines the new with the old. With the Popcards App, the greeting cards you send through the mail will come to life. Users can record a personal video and an image of that video will be printed on a greeting card. The receiver of the Popcard will scan the card – using the Popcard app on their phone or tablet – bringing the card magically to life. Consumers can now have the visual, video component social media channels provide, with a lasting greeting card they can save as a memento forever.


What We Love About Shop Your Way Benefits

My husband is the type of guy who will wear socks until there is a hole in them, no matter what. He doesn’t like to get rid of things and he isn’t materialistic at all. I have to beg him to buy new clothes. It’s not that he wears dirty clothes, he is just content in wearing the same clothes often. Nothing wrong with that, however, when I had the chance to check out and spend $50, I immediately knew I wanted to get him some clothes.


Beautiful Candle Centerpiece Ideas for Perfect Table Decoration

Candles are a simple and elegant way to decorate your home. One of the most versatile way to use candles is in table centerpieces. Centerpieces are perfect for holidays, but are also a beautiful way to make every day special. As well as using them on your dining table, centerpieces also look great on your coffee table, mantelpiece, and hall tables.